Friday, December 19, 2008

Gift Exchange!

The husband I decided to exchange gifts a little early. Since Christmas is such a huge deal in my family, we usually have a little Christmas a couple of days early on our own. This year, it was supposed to be tomorrow, however, my husband gets a little excited and wanted to give me my gifts early. So, for the last two days, I've been meaning to take pictures of my gifts to post. Sorry, that's just not going to happen. So see below, my wonderful gifts taken from the website!

1 CT. T.W. Celebration Diamond® Solitaire Stud Earrings in 18K White Gold - Zales
1 CT WT earrings from Zales...Love 'em! I couldn't get the picture to come out. I had the same problem when I first got engaged and tried to take pictures of my engagement ring...I also got some blue sweats and a gorgeous black robe from VS, that I can't seem to find on the website...maybe I'll take a picture of them later.I love presents! 

Also, I made my grandpa some homemade caramel candy for Christmas...We'll see how they turn out. He used to hide his caramels when we were little and I always used to sneak them. I was the only (out of 12) grandkids who knew where he kept them. So, I thought this would be a pretty heartfelt gift. A guy he works with brought in a bag of caramels a few weeks ago and my grandpa called and said every time he eats a caramel, he thinks of me. So, hopefully, they'll turn out to be edible. 


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Snobby

That would be the hubs and I. Lately we've noticed that maybe we aren't as friendly as we thought we were. Sure, we're nice people. But, really, just because I wear Cowboys jersey does not mean I want to chat with you for 45 minutes in Game Stop about wether or not they can "pull it off". Because, really, I don't care what you would do differently. It's really a shame that your coaching skills were ignored and you are forced to work at a video game store. This was my experience when I went to get a Christmas gift for my husband the other day. In reality, I know less about football than most anyone I know. I'm simply a fan by association, as in, my husband is a huge Cowboys fan, and I think Jason Witten is a the greatest (I love my men to be men and any guy who can play football with a broken and bloody nose and broken ribs, is a real man). That's it. That's how I'm a fan.

So, today we start talking about the B&B we stayed in a few months ago. It was our first time to ever stay in one. We've stayed in some really amazing hotels and thought this would be a great experience in itself. However, I just don't think we're cut out for it. My husband said he "does not like the personal touch." Which, to be honest, neither do I. It's awkward enough having breakfast with strangers but you are literally a houseguest in a strangers home. It's too much for us. So, as discussed today, it's hotels all the way from now on!

So then, here I am in the gym today, obviously with my iPod in my ears and some guy comes along apparently thinking I'm inviting a conversation. He literally asked me about the weather. Seriously. I'm pretty sure the iPod and the treadmill under my feet is a clear statement that I'm not in such a state to make friendly. Apparently not. A direct quote: 

"Funny, it was a lot colder yesterday." 

Followed by my response: "Um, yeah. Ok."

Really? I had to take my earphones out for that. Sometimes, I just don't get it...Don't get me wrong, we are nice people, but there really is a such thing as being too friendly. So, regretfully, I have to admit it, I think we (or really, I) may be a little snobby...


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Joy of Working Out...

After several months out of the gym, that started from laziness, then extended because surgery, and then because of working too much, I'm now back to working out and found myself in a very uncomfortable position. Uncomfortable as in, I can't move. I started back Monday with the intentions of going everyday. I'm trying to get back to running my four miles a day, several times a week and lifting weights. Well, after two days, I'm taking a day off! I've been doing well with my eating (this is since Monday, remember), however, I was so sore that every time I rolled over last night, I woke up because my body was in so much pain! So, apparently, Wednesday, not Sunday, will be my day off from the gym this week.

Here's to a better tomorrow!


Monday, December 15, 2008

No More Hell-Job!

Today is my first Monday away from the hell job! I'm so excited and I've got so much I want to do. As for now...I'm off to do some Christmas shopping! I've got a gift for everyone on my list except for the Hubs. But what do you expect, we were always together. Well, I'm off! 


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Goodbye to My Sweet, Sweet Heidi....

Yesterday was a really sad day for us. Sunday we started to notice that our Heidi was having trouble breathing. At first, we thought it was a hairball. However, though out the day, we started to notice her personality change a bit. She didn't want to hang out with  us, she didn't want to go outside, she would just lay in the middle of the living room floor. We finally decided that we'd take her to the vet on Monday morning. 

Monday I dropped her off, hoping it was either a really bad hairball or maybe she had eaten a frog or something. Something easy to fix. However, the doctor called and said there were a few possibilities: heart worms (which is more common in cats than most people think and is so not the same thing as heart worms in dogs, and is not usually treatable in cats), asthma (again, very common, very treatable), or pesticide poison (sometimes treatable, very expensive and a lot of surgeries). Naturally, I was hoping it was asthma. They decided to give her an IV, steroid shot, a diuretic, put her in an oxygen cage and a shot to help stabilize her lungs. She was basically in respiratory distress. They were trying to get her calm enough to get an X-Ray. 

Finally, they were able to get an X-Ray and they realized that her lungs were COMPLETELY full of fluid. They are pretty certain that it was caused by heart worms. The only thing we could do is drive her to Dallas to see a specialist and have a $2100 surgery that the doctor said 99% chance she wouldn't survive anyway. I spoke with my husband, and after much coercing by the vet, we decided the most humane thing do is to put her down. She was severely suffering.

So, immediately, I left work and headed over. The vet didn't think she'd make the day and wanted us to come down there as soon as possible. I really felt awful and guilty about our decision. The vet said she'd keep her alive until I could get there to sign the papers and say goodbye. When I saw her, I knew I didn't have another choice but to put her down. I called the doctor in and they took Heidi back to put the IV back in and she passed. They didn't even put her down. 

It's really sad because she had a really horrible death. We adopted Heidi back in February from an organization called H.O.P.E. She really was the best cat. She was so sweet and affectionate. Apparently heart worms are very different in cats than they are in dogs. It takes anywhere from 6 months to a year for heart worms to mature in a cat. The disease is very acute in cats and basically you find out one morning they are sick, and they next evening they usually pass. It's really painful for them. Their lungs fill with fluids and they get something similar to pneumonia and drown.

As sad as I am to see her go, I am glad that she didn't have to suffer any longer than necessary. So, we are now down to a family of six, me, the hubs, the pup, and three fish. 



Saturday, December 6, 2008


Do you girls remember LFO? They sang that song Summer Girls...that horrible, horrible song. Well, I haven't heard since I was probably a freshman in college (due to some crazy girlfriends of mine who thought they were going to make that song famous again), but on Wednesday morning, I most definitely woke up to it. Then, this morning on my way to work, I heard it AGAIN! 

How do songs like this get big? Actually, I can answer that: girls like me in high school, that's how. But, seriously, maybe I should take up songwriting, if I follow their suit, I can just come up with a bunch of phrases that rhyme (they don't even have to make sense). Then, maybe I could be a one-hit-wonder and appear on Dancing With The Stars! 

I've posted the lyrics below for your reminiscing pleasure.

"Summer Girls"

Yeah...I like it when the girls stop by.. In the summer
Do you remember, Do you remember?
...when we met..That summer??

New Kids On The block,had a bunch of hits
Chinese food makes me sick.
And I think it's fly when girls stop by for the summer,for the summer
I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch,
I'd take her if I had one wish,
But she's been gone since that summer..
Since that summer

[Verse 1:]
Hip Hop Marmalade spic And span,
Met you one summer and it all began
You're the best girl that I ever did see,
The great Larry Bird Jersey 33
When you take a sip you buzz like a hornet
Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets
Call me Willy Whistle cause I can't speak baby
Something in your eyes went and drove me crazy
Now I can't forget you and it makes me mad,
Left one day and never came back
Stayed all summer then went back home,
Macauly Culkin wasn't Home Alone
Fell deep in love,but now we ain't speaking
Michael J Fox was Alex P Keaton
When I met you I said my name was Rich
You look like a girl from Abercrombie and Fitch

New Kids On The block,had a bunch of hits
Chinese food makes me sick.
And I think it's fly when girls stop by for the summer,for the summer
I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch,
I'd take her if I had one wish,
But she's been gone since that summer..
Since that summer

[Verse 2:]
Cherry Pez,cold crush,rock star boogie
Used to hate school so I had to play hookie,
Always been hip to the B-boY Style
Known to act wild and make girls smile,
Love New Edition and the Candy Girl
Remind me of you because you rock my world
You come from Georgia where the peaches grow
They drink lemonade and speak real slow
You love hip hop and rock n roll
Dad took off when you were 4 years old
There was a good man named Paul Revere
I feel much better baby when you're near
You love fun dip and cherry Coke,
I like the way you laugh when I tell a joke
When I met you I said my name was Rich
You look like a girl from Abercrombie and Fitch

[Repeat Chorus]

In the summertime girls got it going on,
Shake and wiggle to a hip hop song
Summertime girls are the kind I like,
I'll steal your honey like I stole your bike

[Verse 3]
Bugaloo shrimp and pogo sticks
My mind takes me back there oh so quick
Let you off the hook like my man Mr. Limpet
Think about that summer and I bug,cause I miss it
Like the color purple,macaroni and cheese,
Ruby red slippers and a bunch of trees
Call you up but whats the use
I like Kevin Bacon,but I hate Footloose
Came in the door I said it before,I think I'm over you
but I'm really not sure
When I met you I said my name was Rich
You look like a girl from Abercrombie and Fitch

[Repeat Chorus]

In the summer girls come and summer girls go
Some are worth while and some are so so,
Summer girls come and summer girls go
Some are worth while and some are so so,
Summertime girls got it going on
Shake and wiggle to a hip hop song
Summertime girls are the kind I like
I'll steal your honey like I stole your bike


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cancer knows no boundary

Yesterday I finished with work a little early and decided to do some playing on Facebook. I had a friend in college that I didn't really keep in touch with other than the occasional Facebook and Myspace messaging and for some reason I thought of him yesterday. He was diagnosed in April 2007 with cancer so I thought I'd just wonder over to his page to see how he was doing and say hello. When I logged on to his page, I saw that he had passed away last Saturday. He was 25 years old. It's really awful, he's one of the most genuine people I've come across. 

If any of you want to read Jake's story, you can visit the blog he and his mom wrote during his treatment.

I also found out a few weeks ago that my old boss, who is also my mom's old boss, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery to remove it and the doctors are saying she's doing really well, better than they expected even. 

So, please keep Jake's family and my former boss, Paula in your prayers.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No Regrets...

Thanks, everyone for your encouragement! I was starting to feel bad about abandoning Husband on the job, but now I'm really glad I did it. 

Yesterday, my boss came in and apologized that she's been working so much and fussing over nothing. She also said, "I'm apologizing and I'll hope you'll reconsider, but it won't stop."  Way to be convincing, right? 

It's just so hard to work with a woman who is ALWAYS stressed out and not very organized and a man who has no sense of personal space and is not very efficient.

Well, this morning she came into my office in a fuss because we are expecting deliver on Christmas Eve, which means if I weren't quitting, I'd have to work! Isn't that horrible!? She said she is going to tell them to reschedule and told me that if they don't, she might be quitting as well.

Well, I'm so glad to be done with this. Only two more weeks!


Monday, December 1, 2008

I did it!

I quit my job! I can't believe I did it! The boss didn't flip too badly. She didn't say anything, she just got all stressed out.

Part of me feels bad, like I'm kinda letting down my husband. We agreed we would do this job so that we could get caught up on our debt. However, we thought that my job would be less than what it is. 

Well, it's done. Two more weeks of hell, then, hopefully, on to something better.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two Weeks Notice...

Ok, yeah. So, um....I chickened out. I'm such a wimp! Seriously. 

So, if I really want to quit, I have to give my notice on Monday. No choice.


Friday, November 28, 2008

The Light at the End!

I'm back! This has been a really really rough couple of weeks. After talking to the Hubs, we've decided that I am going to quit my job. It's become way more than I agreed to, I work for an impossible woman and I've become so stressed and unhappy that I don't even recognize myself. I've started gaining weight and just not caring, I hardly talk to my friends or family anymore and literally, all I want to do is sleep. 

So, tomorrow (yes, I have to work tomorrow) I will be putting in my two weeks notice. To me, the money is just not worth what I've been going through. I've worked enough so that I can help pay off our debts and take a nice little winter vaca after Christmas. I think I'm going to take some time and try to get a part-time job at a newspaper or something. We'll see...I just seriously don't think I can handle anymore.

Thanksgiving didn't even go so great. We had to work on Wednesday and are supposed to be at work now. I really wanted to spend some time with the Hubs family since we don't get to see family too often. The worst part is that the big big boss is letting my husband, the freaking engineer, have the weekend off! Why do we have to back then, you ask. Because my boss cannot function without me.

On another note, I really suck at quitting. The last job wasn't so hard to quit (even though I loved my boss) because my husband was moving out of the state. Like I would really stay behind. But this job, how do I tell someone I'm quitting because I don't like working for them? It's almost more the person than the job that stresses me out! Don't get me wrong, the job is AWFUL! But, my boss is one of those people who is always stressed out. Even when things are going well, she will go in search of something to stress over. 

Let me tell you a little story. She calls me in her office one day to ask me how to put a formula into Excel. What she wants to do is extremely easy so I tell her how to do it. Her response? "No, that's not how you do it." My response, "Ok, Boss. Then I don't know how to help you." So about 20 minutes later she pops into my office and says, "I figured it out!" And then proceeds to tell me exactly what I told her to do. I was furious. So now when she asks for help, my immediate response is, "You know, Boss, I'm not sure how to do that."

Then, in the middle of all of this stress, she calls the corporate project people to tell them she can't handle anymore and if she doesn't get help and a raise she's quitting (or, "dragging up" as they say out here). Did she mention anything about me needing help or a raise? Nope. She sure didn't. I'm sorry, but when you are a manager, you need to take care of the people (or in this case PERSON) who work under you. It makes me so mad because she hired someone to answer phones an thinks that will give me back 4 hours in my day. I'm so busy trying to keep my head above water that there are things I just can't get done, she wants the girl to help me with those things. Not the things that keep me there until eight o'clock at night. So, she definitely left me out to dry. Working a job I fell into, for a lesser rate than is normally paid, from 7 am 'til 7 pm most days of the week. I don't think so. Needless to say, I'm DONE! 

So, be prepared for a happier girl to reappear in just a few weeks!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bad Blogger....

Hey All! I've been a little absent lately. However, I do believe it's for you own good that I have. I've been really busy and in a pretty foul mood lately. Work is sucking more ever day so I'm sure you don't want to hear from me. 

I'll be back in a few days when (hopefully) things settle down.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Fabulous Post!

So today I had a pretty rotten day. Work has been beyond stressful since are incredibly understaffed and are steady receiving work. So, to break from the stress that is my job, I decided to hop onto blogspot...and guess what!? One of my favorite bloggers was kind enough to give me an award today! And just to be clear, Her Highness of Cute was one of my favorites before she bestowed this way too cute award on me!

Seriously, cutest award ever, or what?!  So, on the rules:

1. You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs in a post.

1.  Jennifer - She's my new blog friend and she's too cute for own good

2.  Casey - Because after knowing her for more than 12 years, she still cracks me up

3.  DAR - Because she's a fabulous blogger who has had a really rough week and could use some cheerin' up

4. Megan - Another new blog friend.

5. Maegan - Who I gave my last award to, but seriously, she's the definition of fabulous.

2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions in the post. 

1. The Hills. Really, I don't even care if you make fun of me. It's my guilty pleasure, and I don't even care. The show is pointless, stupid, unrealistic (reality show by a**), not smart, not funny, but seriously, I thrive on it! Honestly, I'd kill for Lauren, Whitney or Heidi's job! And clothes!

(not sure why this came out so small, I clicked "large"...)

2.  Shoes. Ever since we've started getting caught up on our debt, I've been treating myself to a new pair of shoes almost ever week. I love it!

3.  New York. Yes, the city. And yes, I would definitely call it an addiction. I even considered moving there. Without Husband! This was right after college. I think I was having an identity crisis.

(seriously, why so small? I don't think my "large" button works...)

4.  Alaskan King Crab. Definitely my favorite food. By far. 

Don't judge me, you know just looking at this picture makes you want it...

5.  Apple products. I love love love my iMac, my iPhone and my iPod. Seriously, LOVE THEM!

3. You must copy and paste the rules and the instructions below in the post. Instructions: On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person who gave you the award and link it back to them. When you post your five winners, make sure you link to them as well. To ad the award to your post, simply right-click, save image, then "add image" it in your post as a picture so your winners can save it as well. To add it to your sidebar, add the picture gadget. Also, don't forget to let your winners know they won an award fro you by emailing them or leaving a comment on their blog.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big Day...Coming Soon!

As most of you know, I work a really crummy job, but, for a lot of money. Part of the reason is that doing this job is going to allow us to pay off all of our debt and store some away for the future. Financially, this job is a great opportunity and sort of life changing.

So, the big day that's coming? Friday I will pay off my car! I'm so excited! Last week we paid off my husbands car and now mine! I'm so excited! By January, we will be completely debt free! It's the ONLY way to be! It will be nice when I actually get to keep the money I make! 

The person I thank for all of this? Dave Ramsey! About a year ago, Husband became nearly obsessed with his radio talk show and we bought his book and began living the Ramsey way of life. I can't even begin to tell you how much this  book has helped us and has changed our lives!

If you've got debt and are willing to sacrifice a little, I strongly recommend his book. Thanks to Dave, we will have paid off edited to read: a lot of debt in not a lot of time! Yeah, I know. It was A LOT of debt. But, I did go to a private college for 2 years, so between two brand new cars, 2 college educations, credit adds up. But now it's going away! Like I said, sacrifice is crucial!

The Total Money Makeover

Looking forward to Friday!!!


Monday, November 17, 2008

I got my Sunday back!

This was the first Sunday I've had completely off in 3 weeks! It was nice. So, I decided to take Sunday off from everything. I literally did nothing (that constitutes any kind of work) except go to Walgreens to pick up the sick hubby some medicine.  It was so nice! Which means, no learning-to-cook-Sunday for me. The closest I got to cooking was making a grilled cheese! It was really kind of nice to do nothing this weekend. 

We did go to a concert Sunday night, Sugarland, Kelli Pickler and Ashton Shepherd. It was pretty good, I think Kelli Pickler is just the cutest. Sugarland was pretty good, too. I like their music, but Jennifer Nettles is so freakin' weird! I wish you coulda seen how she was dancing! She sounded great though. 

I think if I could have any  job, and the talent, I'd be a singer. But seriously, you should play Rock Band with me, I get booed off stage quite a bit. 

Sad news, we are only getting Thanksgiving day off of work so I don't get to spend the weekend down there like I had hoped. My parents are coming up the weekend before Thanksgiving so that should be fun. It'll be nice to see some family. I'm not sure what we're going to do for Thanksgiving now though. 

We got some information on the kind of salary and benefits (and outrageous bonuses) Husband will get if he takes the job in Houston. I'm just not sure I'm ready to go back, I so had my heart set on the job in New York. However, it's almost too much money to pass up and we don't know if the offer will still be there in two years. So, we're still "talking". We shall see how it plays itself out...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Funny, Just so funny...

If it's not obvious to everyone, I really miss home. My wonderful sister tries her best to help me feel connected to home and all of my family (I have a huge family). It's really sad because right before we moved, my sister had a baby, making me a first time aunt. I love it, except that I feel like I'm missing out on his life. So, here is the picture she sent me this morning of my nephew who she found STANDING in his crib last night.

Isn't he a big boy! Doesn't he look so sweet and innocent?! Well, check out his finger! Yep, he's got his bad boy finger up! He's got his Auntie's attitude alright! Goodness, I love that kid! My sister said she took several pictures and was making such a fuss over him standing that they didn't even notice his finger until she went to send them to me! 


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Missing Texas

This week work has been so busy and extremely stressful. It really has me missing home. So, I've decided this blog should be dedicated to things I miss about Texas.  Here it goes:

1. My brother. I love this kid so much. He is so funny. I'm just sad because he is now in Jr. High and starting to get too cool for me. It breaks my heart a little...

2. The Galleria. Traffic and all. I hate that there are so few places to shop around here. I did discover the Shreveport mall which has ok shopping.

3. Whole Foods. I really really really want some extremely fresh fruit and veggies. 

4. My friends. I really don't get a chance to make any friends with the hours I work and I'm desperate for some out-of-the-office fun.


5. Mexican food. Seriously. I'm three hours from Texas and the Mexican food SUCKS! So don't worry Casey, it's not because your in Germany, it's because you are not in Texas.

6.  The need to dress up. Seriously. Nobody here dresses up. I miss having places that won't allow you in in jeans or flip-flops. 

7. Westheimer. For those of you who don't know its a street in Houston. The best road there is. Anything you want, you can find. Seriously, there is the Galleria, Le Petite Cafe, Starbucks, Fogo De Chao, mid-town. Everything! I miss it!

8. Entertainment. There isn't anything to do but gamble here.

9. Happy hour at Sherlocks. We used to go to Sherlocks with a good group of friends for HH every so often. I miss it. See below: The HH Gang.


10. Most of all, my family. Be careful, after looking at these pictures, you'll want my family!



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