Friday, September 28, 2012

The mom I have always wanted to be

I have always wanted to be a mom. There was a time in my life I was afraid I wouldn't be a good mom and probably shouldn't have kids. That time was as a 21-ish year old college student who couldn't think beyond Thursday night. But I am a mom. It's what I have chosen and what I love. Honestly, I don't know what I could do besides this. I want to be a good mom, I try, but somethings aren't always as you think they would be.

The mom I have always wanted to be was always patient.

The mom I am is mostly patient.

The mom I always wanted to be was active.

The mom I am is usually sleep deprived and hasn't been to the gym in 5 weeks.

The mom I always wanted to be is a teacher to my child.

The mom I am sometimes has no clue what I should be teaching my little one.

The mom I always wanted to be was rested and ready to tackle each day.

The mom I am naps with the little one at least once a week and sometimes tries to bribe the little one to go back to sleep in the morning. And FYI, bribes do not work on a one year old.

The mom I always wanted to be was hot. You know, like Stacy's mom.

The mom I am just cut almost 6 inches of hair off because she doesn't have time to fix it. And she wears yoga pants and leggings. A lot.

The mom I always wanted to be puts her daughter before everything.

The mom I am will always put her daughter before everything.

Being a mom has opened my eyes to so much. I am so in love with my almost one year old that I cannot imagine a better life.

And...because she's so cute...


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Reunion Planning

Next Saturday I will be attending my 10 year high school reunion. What?!

I'm helping to plan this event, though I have no idea why, and I'm honestly surprised at the people who are attending. Sorta blows my mind.

In a way I'm excited but in a way I'm not. I still talk to most of the people I want to talk to. There is a pretty large group of us who have stayed in touch and get together for dinner and drinks occasionally, birthday parties, whatever.

Anyway, I'm sure it'll be fun either way.

But the really important issue...what to wear?!

Have you heard of Riffraff? It's an awesome boutique in Fayetville, Arkansas. They do Facebook sales often and I ordered this dress.

Cute, right? And super cheap!

Now, I've obviously never been to a reuion so I have no clue what to wear!

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Yes or No?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

Saturday I will host my daughter's first birthday party at a restaurant in Galveston. Her first birthday. She will be one. How did this happen so quickly! My sweet baby is growing too quickly.

Today we went to her  second day at gymnastics. She wasn't as crazy about it as she was last week but she still had fun. It was really sweet to watch her with her "friend" Khloe. Khloe is a month older than Lainey and everywhere Khloe went, Lainey was two steps behind her! It was adorable.

As many of you know, I have been gowing through a tough time lately. We lost a baby a month ago Sunday, my grandpa is very sick and has been in and out of the hospital for a month, my great aunt is losing a battle to cancer...the list goes on. Yesterday, I felt the need to take control of something that I could and I cut off about 8 inches of hair. Eight inches!!! Who even has that much hair to cut off!? I will post a pic soon. I had to do something, with a little one taking up so much of my time, I just never had the time to fix my thick, curly, coarse mane. It was too much and I serioulsy feel like I have lost 10, it was good for the soul!

I've started to pull out fall decorations but they are bumming me out more than anything. It is still like 738 degrees here. Ugh. Come on cooler temps!

I am also having a new blog design made and I am SO anxious to reveal it! I should have my draft next week and I'm ready to go!!!
The little has moved into big girl jammies and I just adore them! I bought the two piece, two pack from Target that has pants and short sleeve tops. They are stinkin' cute!

Lainey Bug in her new big girl jammies...NOT ready to wake up this morning.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mommy's Favorites

When Lainey started on "real" food I thought it would be best if I made her food myself. I am still very picky about what she eats. We are generally pretty healthy eaters ourselves but I want to teach Lainey healthy eating habits and wanted it to start from day one. 

Recently, she has completely dropped her bottle and refuses formula. So we moved on to a sippy cup...My big girl! She took to it pretty instantly but will only use a straw cup. Someone gifted us a  bunch of straw cups that leak everywhere! So, I went on the hunt, tried out several straw sippy cups and found the best one!!

It's made by Tommee Tippee...Which we LOVE! We used the Tommee Tippee bottles and pacifiers as well. The cup is the only one that I tried that really, truly was spill proof. One of my favorite parts is that it has a bendy straw so if I were to give it to her in the car, there would be no way for her to hurt herself with it. 

The cups are about $9 for a two-pack.

When it comes to snack time, my little one is a FAN! She loves snack! Typically I cut up fruit or give her some cheese cubes...something like that. However, we have been doing a lot of activities lately and I needed something that was easier and less messy to take on the road.

Enter, my favorite snacks:

These things are seriously awesome! Earth's Best also makes really good ones that are yogurt and fruit, we just happen to be out so I couldn't snap a photo. I was always kind of grossed out by jarred baby food and thing like this but I decided to try it and I love them! They are so convenient and, I'm the crazy mom who tastes everything before I give it to Lainey, they are really good. What I love is there is no sugar! That is necessary when you have a child who doesn't sleep. Ever.

These are pretty much the best snack ever. Earth's Best Apple Snack Bars. Oh my goodness are they good! Lainey gets SO excited when she sees that little silver package come out of her diaper bag.

So, there you have it. Our snack time necessities! Hope you try 'em out, cause we love 'em!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Win free jewelry!

If you remember, I joined a company about a year ago called Just Jewelry. I still have a bit of jewelry left from the last collection that I am trying to get off my hands so I decided to hold this Jewelry Sale! 

It's a fun way to get some cheap, cute jewelry for you or for a gift. 

So, here are the rules:

If you would like to purchase something, comment with your paypal email address and the item you wish to purchase. For example:, Ring A.

I will send you an invoice and it must be paid within 24 hours. Once I receive your payment, I will mail your item within 24 hours. All items include free shipping.

So...let the auction begin!

Necklaces: All necklaces are $24. 







All rings are $18:




All bracelets are $18:




All Earrings are $15:
A --- These are CLIPS.

B --- These are CLIPS



Win this ring!!
To win this ring, you must leave a separate comment letting me know you have done the following:

1) Become a follower of my blog
2) Follow me on twitter at stevycurbow
3) Blog or tweet this giveaway

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