Friday, October 16, 2009

At your service!

I think I found my maid! I interviewed a girl last night that I L-O-V-E! She was sooo funny and it made me feel comfortable that she was so comfortable. She is coming on Monday to do a trial clean and if we are satisfied (and I'm sure we will be!) we will get on the schedule! I'm so excited, I just wish she could have come today so I don't have to clean tomorrow all hungover and sleepy. 

Tonight I have my girls night with my mom, my aunt and my sister! I'm soooo excited! Gary Allan, beware, you're stalkers are coming out tonight!  So...on the House of Blues website, it says no cameras. I'm wondering how serious they are about that?

Tomorrow is the shower for my friend Kati at my house. I decided not to let myself get too overwhelmed with all that needed to be done. I'll wake up in the morning early and clean the house and bathe Macee (she's the only pet invited to the shower since Jaci tends to pee on people). Then I'll shower and start decorating. I can't wait, I'm so incredibly beyond happy to be able to do this for her. 

Sunday I'll probably go do a little bit of shopping for Vegas and housewarming party.

Are any of you Miranda Lambert fans? I just bought her new CD on iTunes and I love it! Let me tell you, I so very desperately want to be a country singer. I  have no idea why, but I do. I figure if Miley Cyrus can get away with that voice, I could totally do it! 

Happy Weekend Ladies! I want to do a reintroduction post that I will copy from Princess Freckles soon. So be on the lookout!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

So Sexy!

So, other than the JTT and Andrew Keegan days, I've never really been the kind of girl who just falls in love with movie stars. Brad Pitt doesn't do it for me. Tom Cruise (even before the couch jumping days) has always gotten on my nerves and I can't seem to look past the fact that he only has one center tooth. Ok, he has the two front teeth like everyone else, but they are off center and it bothers me. Now, I have a long-standing thing for Rob Lowe and Ryan Reynolds, but that's about it.

Now, musicians are another thing. There are guys like John Mayer who are not cute at all. Not. At. All. But  he's soooo sexy. What's with that? Seriously, he's not cute. If he wasn't John Mayer, I wouldn't take a second glance. He makes the ugliest faces to get those gorgeous sounds to come out. So. Sexy. 

And Adam Levine. Seriously, his clothes are always too small and he sometimes looks like he needs a bath, but I still love him. Adam is cute no matter what, but whatev.

Tomorrow I will be drooling all over this guy at the House of Blues.

Seriously, I die. I love love love Gary Allan. I think when I was about 13, I convinced myself I was going to marry him. Obviously, that didn't work out. I'm very happy with my B so I'll just have to settle on seeing Gary in concert, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! 

I am a huge fan...For those of who you who don't listen to country, look him up on iTunes. He's so worth it.

And he's so sexy.

  But not quite as sexy as my B. :)

Come quickly tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meet Sammi

This is our newest baby, to add to the zoo we already have. Her name is Sammi. She is a calico that my boss found about 3 weeks ago. She is so teeny tiny and so precious and so very sweet! We named her Sammi because my college colors were black and orange and I went to Sam Houston State. Yep, I'm that creative!

We tried to stay out of her face as much as possible and just let her adjust to the house and dogs. The like her but I'm not sure how she feels about them! I think Jaci and Macee are a tad jealous though. 

B and I are in the process of hiring a maid. We want someone to come in occasionally to help us keep the house in order. We are  both so busy and work quite a bit so we could use some extra hands. Sunday we interviewed our first potential candidate. She was a little off-putting. She came into our house smelling like a bar. No joke. When we asked for her information to run a background check she actually said these words...out loud.

"Sure. No problem. But just to let you know, I do have one charge for felony theft on my record. But it should be going away soon. Will that be a problem?"

Um, yes ma'am, that will be a huge problem I don't want you and your felony theft charge in my house when I'm not there!

So, we interview our second candidate tomorrow night. I think she will work out. She already cleans for someone we know. Last night I did tons of cleaning to get ready for Saturday's shower! I can't wait! There is still so much to be done! Tonight, we shop!

I've been having this weird thing with my followers lately, everyday I fluctuate between 91 and 92. Hmm...Seems like everyday I loose one, I get another. Weird.

happy wednesday ladies!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Left Out

Beware, I'm about to get really whiney...

So B finally takes his test next Friday. I'm so excited for him! It's been a long couple of months of studying for him. I was a little bummed though. I had planned to come in to work a little late so I could stay home and make him breakfast. I even researched the  best food the morning of a test. (and in case you want to know, it's scrambled eggs, real bacon, not turkey, toast and a glass of OJ and water. Thank you Dr. Oz.) He calls it brain food. Bacon is supposed to help you remember stuff.

Anyways, B decided that he wants to stay in a hotel closer to the test site the night before. So there goes my plan. And then I wanted to go out to dinner and to a few bars to celebrate being done with this insane process. But his friends want to take him out for a boys night. He hasn't been out in months and I just wanted to go out with him, too. I don't want to be a brat, every guy needs their boys nights.  But this is a really important thing for both his career and for us. I just feel really left out. He studies all the time and I work on the house all the time. By ourselves.

We are having our housewarming party the day after his test but I want the two to be separate. I feel bad giving him a hard time because he hasn't been out in months, I just wish he would want me to help celebrate. These boys didn't get ignored for 3 months. Or have to go to stuff by themselves. I did. And I want to help celebrate! But instead, I'll have to get the house ready for the housewarming party. By myself.

ok, that's my whiney speech for the day. I wanted to bring this to you ladies because I don't want to bring it to B. He deserves his night out and I don't want to rain on his parade. 

For some reason I'm sooo tired today. I was 25 minutes late to work! Woops. Ugh. And after work, I have to go pick up a kitten that B and I are going to have. I'm nervous to have a kitten around Macee. Hopefully they will get along ok. I'm kinda thinking this wasn't a good idea though. After I get the kitten, I have to head home and start getting the house cleaned for this weekend! I'm telling you, BUSY!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Housework, Halloween and Houseguests

Good morning ladies! I'm so exhausted from this weekend. I feel like I'm going 90mph with no slowing down in sight! friday night I came home completely spent from work. B and I waited around until his cousin and her husband came over to pick up something. After visiting with them for a while we headed out to run some errands. We went by Lowe's (Quickly becoming my least favorite and favorite place at the same time, weird, no?) and to grab a quick dinner. I was so disappointed because I got fetuccinie and they put mushrooms in it! Have you ever heard of that? I thought I was going to throw up!

Saturday I spent the entire morning putting primer on my kitchen walls...Let me tell you, that was a chore! I did it all by myself until I got a point where I couldn't reach anything. Not even on the ladder! So B had to take a study break and help me! Afterwards, we went to the halloween store! I got  my costume for Vegas and I'm so excited!!! I'm going to be a flapper! 
This is the costume I got! It's so cute! I even got the pink wig.

Saturday night we had a quick diner with some friends. Sunday I finally got the kitchen painted! No more atrocious wall paper. At least not in the kitchen. I still have 2 bathrooms to do. Sunday while I was painting we got some really sad news. B's cousin is getting divorced. It's a pretty rough situation and since her and B don't really have any family in Houston, she will be staying with us until she can get back on her feet. I feel so bad for her but I'm so happy we can help in some way. So, we'll have a houseguest for a while. I just feel bad that I have so much going on right now. I wish I could be more available to her.

In happier news, Blog's the new Black is hosting a giveaway. Head on over to check it out!!

Have a great Monday!

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