Friday, November 28, 2008

The Light at the End!

I'm back! This has been a really really rough couple of weeks. After talking to the Hubs, we've decided that I am going to quit my job. It's become way more than I agreed to, I work for an impossible woman and I've become so stressed and unhappy that I don't even recognize myself. I've started gaining weight and just not caring, I hardly talk to my friends or family anymore and literally, all I want to do is sleep. 

So, tomorrow (yes, I have to work tomorrow) I will be putting in my two weeks notice. To me, the money is just not worth what I've been going through. I've worked enough so that I can help pay off our debts and take a nice little winter vaca after Christmas. I think I'm going to take some time and try to get a part-time job at a newspaper or something. We'll see...I just seriously don't think I can handle anymore.

Thanksgiving didn't even go so great. We had to work on Wednesday and are supposed to be at work now. I really wanted to spend some time with the Hubs family since we don't get to see family too often. The worst part is that the big big boss is letting my husband, the freaking engineer, have the weekend off! Why do we have to back then, you ask. Because my boss cannot function without me.

On another note, I really suck at quitting. The last job wasn't so hard to quit (even though I loved my boss) because my husband was moving out of the state. Like I would really stay behind. But this job, how do I tell someone I'm quitting because I don't like working for them? It's almost more the person than the job that stresses me out! Don't get me wrong, the job is AWFUL! But, my boss is one of those people who is always stressed out. Even when things are going well, she will go in search of something to stress over. 

Let me tell you a little story. She calls me in her office one day to ask me how to put a formula into Excel. What she wants to do is extremely easy so I tell her how to do it. Her response? "No, that's not how you do it." My response, "Ok, Boss. Then I don't know how to help you." So about 20 minutes later she pops into my office and says, "I figured it out!" And then proceeds to tell me exactly what I told her to do. I was furious. So now when she asks for help, my immediate response is, "You know, Boss, I'm not sure how to do that."

Then, in the middle of all of this stress, she calls the corporate project people to tell them she can't handle anymore and if she doesn't get help and a raise she's quitting (or, "dragging up" as they say out here). Did she mention anything about me needing help or a raise? Nope. She sure didn't. I'm sorry, but when you are a manager, you need to take care of the people (or in this case PERSON) who work under you. It makes me so mad because she hired someone to answer phones an thinks that will give me back 4 hours in my day. I'm so busy trying to keep my head above water that there are things I just can't get done, she wants the girl to help me with those things. Not the things that keep me there until eight o'clock at night. So, she definitely left me out to dry. Working a job I fell into, for a lesser rate than is normally paid, from 7 am 'til 7 pm most days of the week. I don't think so. Needless to say, I'm DONE! 

So, be prepared for a happier girl to reappear in just a few weeks!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Casey said...

You gotta do what you gotta do! No reason to stay at a job just because. You will be happier working somewhere that is in your career field, and your resume will thank you for it.

As for telling your boss, just put it in a letter. Let her know while your learned a great deal, you feel as if you need to return to your career field. As a young professional, resume building is important. Blah blah blah. Whatever it takes!

d.a.r. said...

Omg just quit!!! That sounds so awful!

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