Friday, January 15, 2010

Too Light...Too Heavy

Have you all seen this Bud Light commercial? Well, watch it. It's given me great insight on how I've raised my dogs. here's my story. B bought Jaci for me as a birthday gift 5 years ago. I really wanted a Shih Tzu, something fluffy, calm. A lap dog basically. Well, instead, I got a terrier. She is hyper, anxious, sheds everywhere and is not even close to what I wanted. She's sweet as she can be and is very smart but we were very hard on her. Hence, the too heavy. So now, anytime I do anything, she thinks I'm going to beat her. Let me just say that I've never spanked her. I'm a big screamer though. I know, I know. It's bad but I used to scream at her so much because she was SOooo bad. She pees on everything (and everyone), she used to chew on everything, she never listened, she would refuse to go outside if it was cold. So, we were very hard on her. We punished her by putting her in the corner. Yes, I watch too much Nanny JoJo.  So now we have this extrememly neurotic, anxious dog. 

Then there is Macee. If you don't remember this post, I bought Macee after my sweet, sweet Chloe died. Chloe was my 25th birthday present from B. The best gift I had ever been given. When she died I was so completely heartbroken, we got Macee.(seriously, I didn't get out of bed for 2 days, B had to do something). Macee is a precious, precious baby to me. I love her so much and I'm so happy to have her. However, I think because losing chloe was so hard on me, I wanted Macee to be happy and loved. So, I never punish her. Ever. She is sooo bad! I call her to come and she runs in the other direction. I tell her to go to her room and she turns her nose up and walks away. Holy geez I've created a monster! 

This morning I took the dogs outside to go potty and she stood in the freezing rain, I seriously think, to prove that she didn't have to come when I called her. 

What the crap do I do with this dog!? She will turn 1 this I too late? 

Caesar, please, please, please come to my house!!!!! My animals are out. of. control!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dried Up

Last night B and I had dinner with parents, who I love very much. In a few days they are taking a job in another state so it will be a while before we see them again. We know that all of our parent's are dying for us to being having babies. The truth is, sometimes, I don't know if I ever want kids. I'd love to have one baby girl and that be it. Done. My dad thinks I need to have at least three. B sometimes wants 4. Obviously, we aren't ready. 
Well, last night I literally felt like a punching bag. B's dad actually told me that I physically would not be able to conceive after I was 29. WHAT?! I'm only 26. Pretty sure I'm still ok. 
My birthday was a few weeks ago and we were talking about my sister being pregnant again. We were joking about her having another boy and I made a comment about hoping I have all girls and my dad actually said,
"Stevy, if you don't have kids by now, you won't have them."

Did I miss something? Am I really that old? A commenter on my last post said she still considers 27 her mid-20's. I'm going to have to agree. I'm in my mid-20's. When did that become the new 48? 

It seems like we spend our years growing up dreaming about finding that perfect man to spend our lives with. We dream about our perfect wedding and when it finally comes true, people want you to hurry and move to the next phase in life. B and I are only about a month and a half from our 2 year anniversary. I'd like to married for more than 10 minutes before I start spewing out kids. 

On another note, because I can't not comment on it...Did you all watch AI last night? Did you see larry Platt sing his song Pants on the Ground? HILARIOUS! I loved it and I've watched it like 4 times. I've posted the video for you to see.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can I get a moment to breathe, please?

Wow, life has been pretty crazy. I'm so happy to say that things are going well. Our family has been dealing with a lot of drama lately and a lot of unnecessary hurt. It's really something that I do not want to blog about and would rather keep a family issue. However, I would like to say that I am so very thankful to have such an understanding, loving and supportive group of people around. Nothing directly involves B or myself but I'm one of those people who carry other people's hurt. When my loved ones hurt, I hurt. I can't help it and sometimes it takes over. 

Things at home are great. B and I are still enjoying our home very much. I'm about to start climbing the ladder to do some more painting starting this weekend. 

B and I had a great holiday season. We celebrated Christmas with my family as usual. And...since I was such a good girl this year, Santa brought me a Camaro! Woohoo!

(Yes, I know the picture is teeny tiny but the good
ones are at home. I had to pull this off of Facebook.)

For NYE we had a great party at our house with our amazing friends. I want to post all 78 of the pictures but will spare you. Because that's how much I love you. 

My birthday just past and I am now 26-years-old. Is that late 20's? I think it's still considered mid-20's, right? 

Well, this time, I will try harder to really be back. With life being so crazy lately, I think taking a blogger hiatus was best. 

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and I look forward to catching up on your lives!


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