Saturday, February 23, 2013


Today was an emotional day. We went down to Galveston to visit my great aunt who is plagued with cancer. It's such a horrible thing.

 She has cervical cancer that just seems to be taking her over. She looked beautiful as ever, but so frail and small at the same time.

I have been putting off going to visit because I was scared. I was scared to see someone I love suffer. I was afraid that I would bring in something that would make her sicker. I was afraid that she would be in too much pain to want visitors and that I would be a bother.

And honestly, I was afraid because I felt like if I went to see her, I was admitting that this could be the thing that kills her. (Wow. To say (or write) that is heart wrenching.)

You see, I haven't had to see anyone suffer before. I have lost a few people here and there over the years, most of when I was much younger and then, of course, the loss of my pregnancy, but I've never had to sit there while someone I love fights for their life.

But I went. I went because when someone is in a state like that, you suck it up. I took Lainey with me. My aunt is so kind and love us all so much. She often asks about Lainey and wants pictures of her so I took her. I know that there is nothing sweeter than a child and I knew seeing her would make my aunt happy.

And it did. I overheard her talking to the nurse about how she was so happy to have her great niece and her great-great niece come visit.

Seeing her in the hospital bed in the middle of her own bedroom under the care of hospice was definitely a reality check. It makes me realize how short life is. And how important family is.

We are so lucky that Lainey not only has grandparents around but great-grandparents to spare! We are so blessed to be surrounded but such an incredible family who is so loving. How can you take that for granted? How can you sit idly by and not play an active role in fostering and nurturing those relationships?

I love my aunt. I love her because she always sent me homemade carrot cakes and because she makes the best gumbo I've ever had. I love her because she is my grandma's best friend and their relationship is inspiring, they are the definition of soul mates. I love her because she is a strong woman who spent the entire hour telling me that she will be fine and to quit worrying. I love her because she has the kindest heart and would take in any stray that came to her door. I love her because she has the confidence and the spirit to believe she will be ok.

And while my heart is so sadden that she has to endure such hell, it has also found strength in hers.

I have hope and I have faith. Please, please pray, friends.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sick and Tired!

Do you ever get so tired you feel sick? Like you literally cannot go on? 

Y'all, I get like this all.the.time. It's been horrific. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and found out that I'm borderline anemic. 

What is that anyway? Who cares if your borderline, you are or you aren't, right? I can't tell you how frustrating it is to feel so drained your entire existence and the to almost have an answer. I've always been the type to be tired all of the time but as I've gotten older, it's gotten worse. And it's not being a mommy. My kid sleeps 12 hours at night and 2-3 hours during the day. (Blessed!!)

Well, since I'm "borderline", they won't give me anything to help. I've started taking vitamins but I am pretty sure I found something to help. I purchased Advocare from another blogger several months ago but I stopped taking it because I found out I was pregnant with my second baby (read about that here). Well, I decided to dig it out and give it a shot after, get this, my OBGYN recommended I do so. She said it would help with fatigue and lack of energy and I wouldn't have to worry about learning about the science behind it because it's all planned for you. 

Well, let me tell you, I think it's working. I feel so much better during the day. I can make it past 3 p.m. without feeling this insanely sick feeling. 

It's incredible. I don't do a full program but I do a meal replacement shake for breakfast, vitamins and a Spark around lunch time. I feel amazing. I was nervous because I have a pretty low tolerance for stuff like this, I once took Hydroxycut and thought I was going to die. Seriously. You know the labels that say "If you experience these symptoms, please call your doctor immediately,"? Well, I had every single symptom. So I was hesitant to try it, to say the least. 

So far I am really happy with the results. If you're looking for way to get more energy, drop a few pounds or just get healthier, I've decided to become a distributor so you can visit my site

I know this is a terrible post but I am so happy with the results, I had to share my story! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Up and Running!

We are finally settled into the rent house and have cable and internet! I think I realized how addicted I am to all of that when I was without it. I don't watch much tv during the day but when Lainey naps or goes to bed at night, I am pretty sure I turn into a zombie. So bad...

We've been so busy getting adjusted, we moved into a much smaller space!, getting things going on our new house that we are building and building my little business. Check it out at I'm actually working on a few custom orders now and an order for a local boutique. I'm so excited it's been going so well, just need YOUR help to spread the word.

Lainey is still at The Little Gym (look it to find one near you, it's amazing!!!) and she's doing so well. I can't believe how far she's come. She has so much confidence in her personality and skills. Her teacher is so amazing at helping them develop that. Here is her latest achievement! She used to scream bloody murder at the bars when we first started at The Little Gym now, she's a little champ...or monkey!

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