Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Snobby

That would be the hubs and I. Lately we've noticed that maybe we aren't as friendly as we thought we were. Sure, we're nice people. But, really, just because I wear Cowboys jersey does not mean I want to chat with you for 45 minutes in Game Stop about wether or not they can "pull it off". Because, really, I don't care what you would do differently. It's really a shame that your coaching skills were ignored and you are forced to work at a video game store. This was my experience when I went to get a Christmas gift for my husband the other day. In reality, I know less about football than most anyone I know. I'm simply a fan by association, as in, my husband is a huge Cowboys fan, and I think Jason Witten is a the greatest (I love my men to be men and any guy who can play football with a broken and bloody nose and broken ribs, is a real man). That's it. That's how I'm a fan.

So, today we start talking about the B&B we stayed in a few months ago. It was our first time to ever stay in one. We've stayed in some really amazing hotels and thought this would be a great experience in itself. However, I just don't think we're cut out for it. My husband said he "does not like the personal touch." Which, to be honest, neither do I. It's awkward enough having breakfast with strangers but you are literally a houseguest in a strangers home. It's too much for us. So, as discussed today, it's hotels all the way from now on!

So then, here I am in the gym today, obviously with my iPod in my ears and some guy comes along apparently thinking I'm inviting a conversation. He literally asked me about the weather. Seriously. I'm pretty sure the iPod and the treadmill under my feet is a clear statement that I'm not in such a state to make friendly. Apparently not. A direct quote: 

"Funny, it was a lot colder yesterday." 

Followed by my response: "Um, yeah. Ok."

Really? I had to take my earphones out for that. Sometimes, I just don't get it...Don't get me wrong, we are nice people, but there really is a such thing as being too friendly. So, regretfully, I have to admit it, I think we (or really, I) may be a little snobby...



Brown Eyed Girl said...

Ha, that's funny! I can't believe someone came up to you while you were on the treadmill. And to talk about weather!

Casey said...

Well I could have told you that :) We prefer the B&Bs over here to the hotels. Does that make us un-snobby?

jlc said...

You're funny!

Melissa said...

You...snobby?!? I had no idea. :)

Princess Freckles said...

If you're a snob, then I wonder what makes me? I'm not sure I want to know...j/k

You're actually very appropriate. Its odd to engage a person wearing earphone in conversation, and I certainly agree about the B&B and over chatty salespeople!

Jennifer said...

I read your post on my blackberry in NY, and after I read it, I realized that I've been a snob lately too! especially in NY. Everyone annoys me, and there are so many weird people who are just "off." I should be more compassionate!

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