Wednesday, December 5, 2012

BACK in all my randomness

oh my gosh, ear infections are the devil. Seriously. It took me almost 2 1/2 weeks to get over that mess but I am officially feeling better! I'm so happy to be back in the swing of things, we have so much going on right now and I'm ready to tackle it all!

I've been busy doing PR stuff for Junior League and trying to get us some great recognition for all of the amazing things we have going on. We have such an incredible group this year and I love being a part of it all. This weekend is our fabulous Holiday Ball and it will take place at The Tremont House in Galveston. Such a wonderful hotel! It's actually where B and I got married almost five years ago. I'm so excited.

We've been trying freally hard to get into the Christmas spirit but with temps in the 80's, it's been difficult.

B decided at 14 months it was time for Lainey to learn how to dunk a cookie. These two...

On Saturday we went to Dickens on the Strand. I haven't been in years, I mean, since I was a kid probably. Obviously you can see that I'm in shorts so it was a completely different experience than I remember. We used to get all bundled up, drink hot chocolate and listen to the carolers. This year, we wore shorts, sweat, and wore sunblock. Oh, Texas.

For Lainey's 14 month celebration on Sunday we went to watch the Texans game and have ice cream.

Lainey is growing so quickly and is SUCH a girl. It's so fun to see her personality coming out. She is all about bracelets, mirrors, brushes, makeup brushes, and most of all, shoes.

We attempted to put up our decorations but our Christmas tree lights are out, our garland lights are out, we are hoping to move soon so we didn't unpack our town, we haven't put up outside decorations yet, basically, we are big time slacking. Big time.

So, we've decided we will go get a real tree tomorrow night. We haven't had one in years so I'm pretty excited about it. Plus, our tree is old, small and kinda sad. I'm ready for a big tree!

Have you decorated? I'm about to hit your blogs to find out!

Also, I'm participating in this bloghop! Check it out!

Monday, November 26, 2012

The land of the living...

I think I am somewhat back in it! I am finishing up my second round of antibiotics still trying to kick this double ear infection. Yes, me. Not Lainey. This is crazy! 

But, I'm happy to be feeling a little like myself again.  How was your Thanksgiving!? We had a great time -- well, they had a great time, I was miserable. We went to Dallas to visit some of B's family. 

This was actually driving through Hunstville, Texas where I went to college. We had to stop for some fried green tomatoes! 

The lake was definitely NO place for a mommy with an ear infection but the little loved it!

Thanksgiving day! Ready to eat!! 
Lainey's Thanksgiving dress came from Shabby Apple. Isn't it cute! I had to put a turtle neck and some tights under it because it was pretty chilly up there on the water!

In other, completely random, news. We've decided to put our house on the market! I can't believe it. We've been here a little over 3 years. I'm hoping it sells quickly. We found an amazing neighborhood we want to build in but we have to sell our house first! So, PLEASE pray for us!! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Life through my phone...

Hey Y'all! I've managed to drag myself off of the couch for a quick post. Sick has taken over my house and it has finally caught up to mommy. I have a double ear infection. Like a four year old. I mean, really, what adult do you know gets a double ear infection?!

Well, it sucks big time and I'm so over it.

Luckily, I have a rockstar sleeper on my hands. Well, a moderate rockstar sleeper. She still wakes up now and then for a drink of water or a paci but I typically don't have to get out of bed. I love that I can place her in her crib, give her a sippy with water, a paci and baby and she goes to sleep! Bliss. It took us some time and methods I was SO against to get her to this point but now, we are all actually getting some sleep! And as sick as I am, I am so thankful for that.

So, since I can't muster up enough energy for a real post, I thought I'd share some pics from my phone.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Card

Y'all, I have finished Christmas shopping! I'm so excited about that!Other than Lainey, I'm done! And she's easy, I already know what we are getting her, just waiting to find a good deal.

I've also ordered our Christmas cards from Shutterfly! We are skimping this year so I went a little cheaper this year than usual and went with a photo card from Shutterfly. They are so cute and I can't wait to get them in the mail and start addressing them!

Monogram Memories Christmas
Shop our unique collection of photo Christmas cards.
View the entire collection of cards.
How is y'alls Christmas shaping up? Have you finished shopping?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Disney on Ice!

This weekend was such a good time! My sweet grandma bought all of the little kids and their parents tickets to Disney on Ice as part of their early Christmas present. Sweet husband was a little hesitant thinking she may not enjoy herself, but I know my baby and this princess needs to be in the presence of other pricesses!

The show was SO good, my only complaint was they didn't have a Beauty and the Beast part. I was so sad. Ha!

My little Belle waiting to go in

waiting with daddy!
she loves her Uncle J who took time from his busy 16-year-old schedule to go watch his niece have fun.

We were so excited! This was during The Little Mermaid

waiving to Tinkerbell!

Intermission! Waiting for the princesses to come back!

Disney on Ice put on such a good show! If you have babies and it's coming to a town near you, GO!! You will NOT regret it.

Then...I wake up Sunday morning and I'm pretty confident I have an ear infection. At 28. What?! Ugh, I hate being sick. And being home with Lainey makes it tough because it's not like I can take a sick day or send her to daycare while I stay home and rest. Poor baby will have a BORING day tomorrow. At least she had a great weekend!

Also, don't foget to check out my new page on my blog!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Since my rockin' husband bought me the sewing machine I have been wanting, I thought I'd go ahead and make a list for the things you can bring me.

Factory lightweight quilted jacket. This would be so great for running around with the little one. I love it! And even though I live in Texas, I feel the need to get a new jacket every year.


I've been wanting one of these handstamped necklaces for a while. I have tried to order one twice through Etsy and both sellers never came through. I'm so disappointed!

I want one disc to say Alaina and the other to say 9-2-12. I'd like to be able to add a disc for each baby so one for my sweet girl, one for our sweet angel and one for each baby that follows!


We've been talking about getting a new bed for a while but haven't done so...Really, we don't want to spend the money. I love this set from Restoration Hardware, that I am SURE is FAR out of my bedroom budget!

VS Knockout Crop. I love VS workout gear. And I need more. I've become quite the snob with my workout clothes. I think because I tend to go the gym early in the morning and often don't get to shower until Lainey's afternoon nap so I tend to run errands in my workout clothes and I refuse to look like the poor little Mexican girl I am. Not gonna happen!

photo from
The Marley Lilly monogramed luxe clutch. LOVE THIS!!! I actually ordered one for me and one for my sister for Christmas. I am so obsessed with this. I hate digging in the diaper bag trying to find my wallet or phone but carrying a normal purse is just too much. THIS is my solution and I'm SO excited about it!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Ok, two things...

1. I created a new page...and NO clue how to find it or link it.



2. Who are your fave folks to follower on Twitter? I need some new people to stalk.

A Thanksgiving Dress...

Last week I won a $50 gift card from Shabby Apple from Heather's blog and I wanted so much! But, like so many mommies do, I used the gift card to get Lainey's Thanksgiving dress! I was super sad because the dress I wanted wasn't available in her size but then I saw this:

Strawberry Patch Dress
Photo from

Super adorable, right?! I love it. I got some brown boots for her to wear with it. Can't wait to show y'all after Thanksgiving...And fingers crossed it gets here on time!
I love it. Now, I need to find out what this mama is going to wear!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Because this deserves a post

I am completely disgusted with Americans right now. Not because of who was elected, but because of how people are reacting to who was elected.

I will not say who I voted for or which of the big issues I support because it makes no difference and that is not what this post is about.

But I will say, this is disgusting:

"Someone please shoot this idiot. I'd rather have his VP at this point."
...unacceptable. The man has two babies!

"I don't care what he does, my president is BLACK" 
....and supporting him simply for the fact that he black, is disgusting.

I'm so amazed that racism is still so prevalent, on both sides.

Friends, this was taken directly from my Facebook page. One person wishing our president dead, one person not caring what the president supports.

Maybe I'm naive but I am saddened by this response. I just cannot believe the things that people are so comfortable saying, rant or not.

Please, friends and readers, don't let stupidity and hate get the best of you.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Potty Talk

Y'all! I am ALMOST done Christmas shopping! I am SO excited about that. Just four more gifts to buy and I am D-O-N-E! Well...and I have LOTS of spending to do for my Lainey, but I don't really count her. I'll probably shop for her until Christmas Eve...because I'm a mad woman.

One of the things I'm looking at buying Lainey a potty for Christmas. She will be 14 months. However, I'm thinking about starting in January once things calm down and the holidays are over. Too soon?

Which potties have you tried?

These are the two I am considering.

The Boon Potty Bench. Boon has super cool baby goodies! We have the frog bath toy caddie and the diaper rack and we love them both!

photo from
Prince Lionheart® pottyPOD™

photo from
 I'm always up for advice and guidance! So clue me in!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Shopping Part 1

How are you doing?

Usually, by this time of year, I'm done. However, with my hospital bills, Lainey's hospital bill and countless other hectic "stuff", I am still proud to say that I am about 1/3 of the way done!

B and I never really buy each other Christmas gifts, we typically buy our own gifts because we want to get exactly what we want. I know, I know, boring.

I am SEW excited about my gift! I ordered it yesterday and it should be here on November 9.

Photo from
Brother CS6000i Advance Sew Affordable 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine

I can't wait to get it in. I've even ordered my first pattern and am going to attempt to make Lainey's Christmas Day dress. I've ordered her dress for Christmas Eve service and HOPE that it comes in on time.

For Lainey, here are a few things I am looking at:

Princess Cozy Coupe® 30th Anniversary Edition

photo taken from
Little Tikes 3 Corners Playhouse
photo from
Our backyard is ALL pool so we don't have much a play area back there. In February, we are going to be fencing off the pool leaving us with a small area for dining and play. We had this great little spot that the previous owners filled with concrete and rocks (they did SO many weird things to this house!). So, this weekend, as part of her Christmas gift, we dug it up and planted grass so Lainey can have a little area of her own. We are on the hunt for the perfect little house or kitchen for it and I think this might be it.
Bobby really wants a new iPod, some bluetooth headphones for the gym and...something else that I can't remember. Wife of the year, right!? Ha.  Like I mentioned, we usually just go shopping and get what we want, so I'm not concerned. :)
I love Christmas shopping! It makes me insanely happy. I think because I never spend money like this during the year. And partially because I think I may possibly have a shopping addiction.
By the way, I have NOT been sleeping well. Of course I got excited thinking it was a sign I was pregnant because I never slept while I was pregnant with Lainey, but it's not. Anyway, I tried the Celestial Herbal SleepyTime Tea. It is so yummy!! Have you tried it? I love Lipton Sleepytime Tea but they didn't have it at CVS so I grabbed this and it was SO good! Even helped me sleep a little...though...I did slip into a weird dreamy, partial conscious state that scared the piss out of me. Wonder if it's from the tea...Interesting. Didn't even consider that until I started writing this....Oh well.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Thank you all for your kind messages and emails. Some days are just harder than others. I do realize that I am blessed to have my sweet girl and she is what helps me keep going.

However, my pity party is over. For now.
So, our Halloween recap...And please, dear friends, it's HAlloween, NOT HOlloween. As far as I know, Holloween is not a word.

We started off our Halloween party on Sunday with a party at my grandma's house. Lainey hated her costume so I let her wear her Cinderella dress and take her Cinderella baby.

We had a great time. Bobby and I got to judge the pumpkin carving contest. It was such a good time for the kiddos.

Yesterday we dressed Lainey up as Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street. She loves Abby! Not necessarily the show -- she doesn't get to watch much TV -- but she has an Abby baby that she adores.
We had a fun time, but only took her to two houses in our neighborhood. It's not like she's going to eat the candy, plus, I really wanted to stop by my brother's football game for a few minutes.
She wore her costume to the game. I can't get over how my brother is so "grown up". He's a junior in high school and it kills me! He's such a sweet boy...I just love him.

our pictures are REALLY out of order but Blogger and my internet are sucking big right now. It took me 53 minutes just to upload these, so, I guess, you get whatcha get.
With daddy, not sure what to think!

With mommy

All dressed up!!

This was actually last weekend at the Pumkin Patch

SUCH a daddy's girl! I love it.


Sweet baby.

I uploaded a few more headbands to my store! Check it out!

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