Friday, January 14, 2011

Home Improvements

Brrr! Today is quite chilly here in Texas and it's making it extremely difficult for me to get to the Y to workout. But...I'm going. Just as soon as I blog.

I've finally put up a few more of the lovely purchases I've made over the past few weeks and cannot wait to do some more shopping this weekend.
The hat box is from Hobby Lobby and it was seriously like $6. The cookbook is our Junior League cookbook and has some amazing recipes in it! I had to buy a stand so I could display it. (If you're interested in purchasing one, shoot me an email). The photo is of my grams when she was in her 20's! Amazing, right! It's one of my favorite photos of anyone, ever and it had to be displayed. The trivet was actually a gift from my sister and I LOVE it!

Also, I wanted to share this picture from a our trip to Lake Tahoe last month.

Cute, right!? That is my nephew Jameson and my little brother, Jason. I loved Jameson's hat!

Tonight is date night for me and the hubs. Not sure what's on the agenda but I'm thinking dinner and a movie. There are SO many flicks out right now that I'm dying to see! Any recommendations?

Somehow I got roped into coaching basketball at my church and I have my first game tomorrow. I have NO clue what I'm doing so wish me luck!

Have a great weekend, loves!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Conversations with kids...

This week I had a little slumber party with my little cousins. It's crazy that I'm the oldest grandchild and have cousins 20 years younger than me. We had a great time...They sported blonde wigs to see Tangled and then we came home and ate too much junk food, had a dance party and gave each other manis and pedis.

And guess who forgot to take pictures? I've got to get it together before I have kids of my own!

Spending time with these lovely girls always leads to some pretty interesting conversations, as I'm sure you could imagine, and I had to share this one. I still laugh because I can just hear her saying it!

Me: "Makayla, aren't you proud of your brother for making Gifted and Talented?"
Makayla: "I guess."
Me: "Well, you should be. It's a big deal! Maybe one day you'll be in G&T."
Makayla: "Stevy, pretty girls don't have to be in Gifted and Talented."

Touche, touche.

This was from another sleepover...when I actually took pics.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And so she shopped...

Hello there sweet friends! It's so great to be back and I'm having a ball catching up on all of your wonderful lives!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am now "working from home." Basically I take on any articles offered to me, I'm working on my real estate license and work each day to try to find more work.

This week has been wonderful as I've had friends visiting and have been busy celebrating my birth month - don't hate. I'm totally worth a month-long celebration. :) I've been indulging in the double layered red velvet cake B bought me and what else, shopping!

We moved into our house about 15 months ago and I've been slowly but surely filling up the rooms. Luckily for us, I asked for lots of gift cards for my birthday and Christmas to help the process...Here are a few of the things I've picked up:

I love this table from Ikea! It's the perfect place to hide all of my magazines.

This is from Kirklands - $4, thank you very much! I don't know why I feel the need to always have a beach-themed restroom...Eh, whatev, it's cute!
And seriously, no home is complete without a Keurig! This is courtesy of my lovely momma! Happy birthday to me! Let's celebrate with a coffee!

I also bought another table for our entry way...I'll post that later! It was a steal from Hobby Lobby at only $41.

I love shopping for home goodies! Have a fab day, ladies!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My 27th Year

Wow, it's hard to believe that it has been nearly five months since my last blog post. Excuse time, where have gone?

So much has happened in this last five months that I feel like my life has completely changed...yet, I'm sure it's anything but drastic to those around me.

Just five months ago, B started a new job. Which means, no more moving around for us. I, on the other hand, left my job, my wonderful boss and my sweet, sweet office mate to pursue a career of freelancing and lunching. Yes, I am now a lady who lunches.

This weekend I celebrated my 27th year. While insignificant to most, I have always said my 27th year would be the best. Remember when you couldn't wait to turn 16? Well, I was pining away for 27. Weird, maybe. But I prefer charming.

So, with this being the start of that year, my sweet, sweet husband embraced my quirk and threw me a surprise party, inviting friends from, quite literally, all over the world. Including my college roommate, Casey who has been over seas for far too long. I mean really, what kind of life is that anyway...traveling, seeing the world with your sweet husband. Pft. Who needs it?! (Ok, ok. Yes, I'm jealous and I miss her terribly, whatev.)

Ahh, three of my 7, yes, 7, bridesmaids
This is one girl you can always count on!
These are a few pics of high school friends who came to help celebrate. Aren't my friends gorgeous!

Well, with this being a new year, and possibly the best ever, I have decided to return to the blogosphere. That's right, again. What can I say, commitment issues. Luckily that doesn't transfer into my love life. So, I need a new layout, background, photos, everything! Who's helping me? Shoot me an email and let's talk look and cost.

Happy New Year, folks!

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