Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh, Lou

Just a quick little message. The weekend is going great, however, I did get sucked into working today...BOO! Dinner at the Blind Tiger tonight and we may go to the ashtray of entertainment -- the casino. That's one thing I miss about Houston -- NO SMOKING!

The segment on Lou Dobbs has been rescheduled to the downfall of the American economy...It'll be on Lou Dobbs next Friday.


My Hero of a Cousin!!

Watch CNN -- Tonight with Lou Dobbs to see my cousin Dennis Hargis, war hero!! We're so proud. Check out the Casa De Hargis blog on my favorites to see his wife's blog!



Livin' Large

So, lots to talk about today! The job I hate just got a little more interesting...The guy I was working with had his last day today so...I GOT HIS OFFICE! I'm so excited that I don't have to sit at the reception desk anymore. I get a comfy chair, but the same stupid work. Gah! What I wouldn't give to have to write a press release right now!

On to better news...I got off work a little early to take my pup to the vet. She was due for some shots. She's a healthy little one! I love when the vet tells me what good care I take of her. After the vet, Jaci, my pup, and I went home to clean the house. I have the fortune of having the best in-laws possible and they are coming into town tonight! I wanted to make sure the house was presentable and comfortable for them so I spent a few hours last night preparing. I'm not exactly sure what we're going to do with them this weekend, though I'm sure a trip to the casinos will be inevitable. 

This is a picture of my Jaci, she has quite the attitude...

Even better news...Recently, for those of you who don't know, I had a breast reduction (to be referred to from now on as "The BR"). I have to say, it was the best decision I've made for myself in a long time! However, after the surgery, during my nearly two month recovery, I put on a little weight. What's the good news you ask? IT'S FINALLY COMING OFF!! I'm so excited because I hate when I put on weight. I'm pretty short, about 5'3, so when I put on the weight, it's very obvious! Before the BR, I was running nearly 12-15 miles a week. Now, after the BR, I'm lucky if I can get in a mile! I'm so out of shape and I just got back in the gym so I'm taking it slow. Sometimes, if I work out too hard or too long, I'll start to hurt a bit. But, I'm getting there, so cheer me on!

So, here's to all you bloggers, any tips for getting off my last few pounds?


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ok, so, in order for you to understand this post, I'll have to give you a little background info. The job that I have now is actually a contract position with my husband's company. Everyone who is on this project, minus a select few, is a contractor. The way we handle getting paid is by send a time sheet, expense report and a copy of our receipts to the corporate office in Houston. The girl that handles the time sheets (and her little department) is driving me crazy. Yesterday, I send an email with my time sheet attached to her and copy her assistant. She emails me back the following:

"Stevy, there are now two admins in our department. Please remember to CC *Diane on further emails to me and *Chrissy."

"Ok, fine," I think. I can remember to do that, that's not too much to ask.

Five minutes later, I get an email from assistant #1 saying:

"Stevy, Please remember to CC *Diane, the new office assistant, on all emails to me and *Kelly."

About two minutes later, I get this email from assistant #2 saying:

"Stevy, I am *Kelly's new assistant. Please remember to CC me on all emails to her and *Chrissy from now on."

Here's what I'm thinking:

"Ok, girls. Let's get our business straight in your office! And please remember to CC EACH OTHER ON ALL FUTHER EMAILS!!!"

**Names have been concealed to protect the identity of those I talk badly about.**


Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Wonder...

Even though I'm still not sure about Shreveport, and am extremely homesick at the moment, Bobby and I had  pretty good weekend and really were able to enjoy the "city". Friday I got off work at noon and headed back to the house while Bobby was working in Houston. Since I knew he wouldn't be home until late, I decided to do something I've never done before -- see a movie ALONE! Yeah, I totally surprised him, and myself. I felt like that episode of Friends when Rachel was "dating" herself. It was fun, it's not like having another person with you at the movies means that much because you can't talk during the movie anyway. So, I took myself to see 'The Women'. It was pretty good...loved Meg Ryan's hair in the movie.

Saturday, we went to the Red Revel Festival in Shreveport. It was fun. We had lots of junk food, checked out some art and listened to a band. We walked around a bit and went to this this daiquiri place and had drinks...that were way too strong! We didn't even finish half of them and the room I was in, was definitely spinning! So, after having the way too strong drinks, we decided to head over to the casino...where I hit a $114 bonus on the slots! I was so excited! I tried to play long enough to get another bonus but decided I should leave ahead.

After tryin out luck at the casino, we headed over to the boardwalk to do some shopping. I did win some money after all, what did you expect me to do? Put it in the bank? So, I bought two new pairs of shoes...The boardwalk also has this place that has a "comedy club" in it that we decided to check out. It was ok, the comedians were just ok though. I don't think talking about people tripping on drugs is that funny. But whatever.

Sunday we just hung out and watched the Cowboys, of course. I cooked all day...don't ask what got into me but it was fun. So, as much as I'm missing home right now, Shreveport isn't that bad. I have a big shopping trip that I have planned for this weekend and I'm thinking about checking out the mall for the first time. Yep, the FIRST time. They have a lot of good shops, I haven't needed a mall yet. Besides, what kind of mall doesn't have a shoe store?


Things that make me go, "hmm...."

1.  O.J. Simpson going to jail -- As in "Hmm...Well, It's about time he's in jail for something, anything. Really, I don't care why, just glad he's there."

2.  Buying two pairs of shoes on Saturday -- As in, "Hmm...I can't possibly buy just one pair when I would get the second pair half off!"

3.  The people at work who send me the list of materials they receive and do not list their numbers in consecutive order -- As in, "Hmm...maybe we need to have a counting lesson..."

4.  Winning a $114 bonus on the slop machines on Saturday -- As in, "Hmm...should I walk away now, or should I try to get one more bonus?"  *Note: I tried for one more bonus and left with $86. Not the best decision, but hey, it bought be two pairs of shoes!*

5.  Getting my Christmas list together (yes, already) -- As in, "Hmm...who should I buy for, how much do I spend and what do I buy my 12-year-old brother who has EVERYTHING?"

6.  The Dallas Cowboys. Not really a sports fan but I can't help but wonder, "Hmm...what would they do without Jason Witten?"

7.  Living in Shreveport -- As in, "Hmm...Not sure about this place."

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