Friday, October 23, 2009

B's Big Day! Need a little prayer!

Today is the big day! The day B has  been working towards for the last few years and been studying for intensely for the last 6 months. Today, he takes is Professional Engineer Exam. He decided to stay home last night rather than go to the hotel (which made the Mrs. a very happy lady). So, this morning I got up and made him Dr. Oz's brain food. I heard about this on an episode of Oprah years back that before a test, you should feed your kids, or in this case hubby, eggs, bacon, whole wheat toast and OJ. 

The test started about 30 minutes ago so please say a little prayer that all goes well!

Tonight my parents and sister are coming over to help me get ready for the party tomorrow. Fun! We are going to start baking and making the cold dips and things like that. Dad is going to get some tables and chairs set up for us-- well, the best he can anyway.

About two weeks ago my dad was in a car wreck. It wasn't horrible but it was a little bad. He broke a few toes (if you knew my dad, that's so not surprising. He wouldn't be the guy with neck pain, he'd be the guy to break his toes.) and he's been off work for a few weeks. The other day his back started bothering him so he went to the doctor and found out he had a herniated disc. My poor dad...Ok, go ahead and say a little prayer for him as well. 

Have a wonderful weekend ladies, I'll be back with pictures on Monday!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My animals have gotten so high-maintenance I'm thinking about having kids...

Ok...totally kidding. I'm not thinking about having kids but at this rate, why not? I took Macee to the vet yesterday afternoon because she had been itching so badly. We have already been old she has allergies but it was getting out. of. control! My poor baby was scratching so bad that her hair was getting matted. So, I took her the vet when I took Sammie to get her shots. I talked to the vet and Macee got a little steroid shot to make her feel better. But  you'll never believe what it was -- She had a flea! She has never had fleas and my four-year-old Jack Russell has only had them once. So the vet did a check and she only found one flea on her...thank goodness. But she said that that one tiny little flea could be what's been making her itch so bad. 

Look how miserable she poor honey.

So, armed with flea-killing medicine, shampoo and $120 and three shots later, we went  home. Macee crashed for like 3  hours straight and then was back to her pre-flea self. The vet said she was probably so lethargic because she wasn't sleeping all night because was up scratching. 


After the vet drama was over we watched Marley and Me to remind me how much I love my dogs and all the stress and money are so worth it.

I'm sure you all remember that I told you B's cousin was staying with us so we also went to Target to pick up a cake for her birthday last night. Seriously, can you go to Target without spending at least $100? I don't think I've ever done it. But we did get some really cute damask prink plates and napkins for the housewarming party this weekend. Tonight I need to do a little bit more shopping and my dad is going to help me set up some extra tables and chairs outside. We are getting so excited to show everyone our house! I will give you guys a first taste of our little open house as well and I'll finally post some pics of the house either tomorrow or Monday.

I'm getting so excited for Vegas next week! This month has flown by! I can't believe it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yeah, I wasn't kiddin' when I said October would be crazy. The shower turned out great! We had a really good time and a really good turnout. I took tons of pictures but haven't had a chance to load them on my computer yet. But...I did manage to get a picture of the cake with my phone.

Isn't it cute? We had a friend from high school make the cake. It was delicious and super cheap!

Saturday we we to the HOB to see my boyfriend. Ah-MAZING! I love him. We were second row! And my super quick, bad ass hands CAUGHT A GUITAR PICK!!! I was DONE after that. I was so freaking excited! Then I found another one on the ground and gave it to my mom. Haha!

This is the reaction when he saw I was there:

This was him singing to me.

Ok, for some reason, these came out teeny tiny...But this was when he first came out and then a picture of my aunt, stepmom, sister and me.

Such a good time! Sunday my sister and I went shopping and ohmygod I spent so much money! I got some really cute stuff for Vegas so I'm thrilled!

The maid worked out perfectly and she will now be coming to my house every Monday. And guess what? No felonies!! woohoo! 

Today I have to take Macee and Sammi to the vet. Macee is out of control with her itching and since Sammi is new, we need to get her checked out.

B takes his test on Friday so please, please, please keep him in your prayers! He's pretty much taking the week off from studying to just relax. I'm getting ready for our housewarming party on Saturday. I'm so bummed because our furniture will be here right after the housewarming party! Ugh! Ok, well our extra furniture. We have most of it. But still! dang it.

Yesterday I made a little mistake at work. one of my customers was supposed to have their story run in color and I forgot to tell the printing department. They set up the printer the night before so they were not prepared for it and didn't have enough color. So now, i have to tell my customer they will run in black and white. UGH! I hate screwing up. And this is one of my favorite customers, too! 

Well, have a great Wednesday!

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