Friday, October 2, 2009

And then I drooled...

Friday!!! Woohoo!! I've had such a looong and busy week at work! This weekend couldn't come soon enough!

And guess what! It's fall in Texas today! Yeah, it'll be summer again next week so whatev.

Last night I went had the most amazing massage ever! I did a 30 minute massage and 30 minute reflexology treatment. Ah-mazing! You know how when you are laying there and your whole body relaxes and you feel like you weigh 1,000 pounds and you can't even make a coherent thought or sentence because every part of  you is in bliss? Yes? Well, that's where I was in m massage last night when I realized, holy crap, I haven't swallowed in like 10 minutes and I'm about to start drooling on this guys foot. So I swallow and immediately start choking/gagging (I have the worst gag-reflex ever in life!). The poor guy is like, "I'm sorry ma'am, am I hurting you?!"  Idiot me, who was still in that complete state of bliss couldn't even make a complete sentence to lie about why I was choking. 

Ugh. My life. 

I am beyond excited for this weekend! Me and my lovely ladies are heading to Austin for a bachelorette party! I cannot wait! It'll be so great to get away with them! I will miss B though...  :(

Next week my goal is to get some more paint on the walls! I'll get some pics up for you later!

have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Apparently, I can cook!

Over the last few weeks B has been studying so hard and I've been playing particularly hard. So, being the amazing wife that I am, I came home last night and hung out with B watching DVRed Dexter until it was time to study. In the mean time, I made, if I do say so myself, quite the delicious dinner! We had over roasted  turkey (pre-seasoned, I'm not that good), pasta and asparagus. YUM! I wish I had taken pictures because it turned out pretty amazing!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I'm kind of scared of cooking. I don't mind cooking and there are some things that I can cook really well, but I'm afraid to get creative or try those difficult-sounding recipes. 

Last night gave me a boost of confidence though...I've decided that once a week I'm going to make something new. Something we've never made before. I will scour cookbooks for new ideas, I will actually listen to Rachael Ray -- despite the fact that the woman can nearly snap every nerve I have and I will make delicious meals for my husband! I'll try to remember to take pictures and post my recipes and findings!

So long hamburger helper, spaghetti and tacos...I'm on my way to becoming a gourmet chef. Ok. So that's a stretch. But I'll definitely be working on my culinary skills!

So tell me, what are some of your favorite meals to cook? What recipes should I try? I'm completely open to trying anything new and different! 

And after dinner....I gave my house a much needed scrub down! 

On a much different note...Anyone know where I can get a suit for pretty cheap? I need a business skirt (because I hate pants) suit for something I have coming up.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kids Say the Sweetest Crap

Ok, so the title is for my former roomie and recently absent blogger friend Casey. She always posts funny stories from her class and titles them Kids Say Crazy Crap. Check out her blog if she ever returns, she's hysterical...and I miss her :( And yes, this is my third post today...Yes, I realize I started the day with nothing to say.

I blogged a few weeks ago about being asked to become a Celebrity Reader at a local prep school near my job. Today was my first day. I loved it! The kids were so stinkin' sweet! I received more compliments today that I think I have in my entire life! 

Want to boost your ego? Visit with a 5-year-old! I went and read to a Pre-K and Kinder class today. When I was there here are some of the things I heard:

"Mrs. C, you're shoes are beautiful!"

"Hey Mrs. I love your hair!"

"Yeah, well I like her eyes cause they are gold!"  (my eyes are poopy brown, not gold by the way!)

"Hey Mrs. your dress is really pretty. You look like you're ready for austin." (he meant autum! We just finished reading a book on seasons!) 

"Hey Mrs. your sunglasses look so big and cool like a movie star!"

"Hey Mrs. We really like you. can you come to our class every day?"

Ahhhh...Yep, my head is definitely inflated a bit. At least I know where to go next time I need my ego stroked!

Wishful Wednesday

I wish my pet could talk because I've been dying to know ________!

My sweet, sweet Jaci...Please tell me why you are so weird. Why do you cower in the corner when I tell you that you are a good dog. Why to you always act like I'm going to beat you or yell at you for no reason. We love you and want you to be happy, so please tell us what we can do to fix your weird behavior. Besides calling Caesar because I've already tried and he isn't coming to Texas. Also, why do you refuse to play fetch?!

Macee...Please tell me why you don't listen to me. Why don't you come when I tell you to? Why do you listen to B over me? You are my dog. Also, please tell me why you will pee outside but you insist on pooping in the house?!

But seriously, how could you not love these two? The are definitely like my children and they make me smile every single day!

Thanks to the adorable Kelsey at Smith's Seattle for giving me something to post about today!

Feelin' Random...

Yesterday I was so busy I didn't get a chance to blog. Today, I've got nothin'. Plus, I'm too tired to type in coherent paragraphs. So here are a few thoughts I've got now:

- Last night was the premier of The Hills and The City. I've been waiting for both of them to return! The Hills without Lauren was weird. I'll still watch it though, I'm sure! Hubby's favorite character is Spencer. That makes me laugh. He really is so freaking entertaining though! The City was good. Whitney needs to stand up for herself more and Olivia needs to be put in her place and fired!

- B bought my wedding ring from Robbins Bros...well, they aren't in Houston anymore! My warranty was transferred over to Helzberg. I'm not liking it. I had to take my ring in for inspection last night and they wanted to send it off! UGH! 

- My house is a disaster. No joke. I think Hurricane Ike came back through but this time only through my house. Cleaning like a mad woman tonight!

- I feel silly, but at the request (read:force) of my parents, I registered for my housewarming party. I feel silly telling people, "Please come see my new house. Oh, and don't forget to bring a gift!" I didn't register for much just a few things I actually need and I'm not telling anyone I registered. If anyone asks, then I'll tell them. Apparently, people do this. 

- My outdoor furniture is in from Pier One! I'm so excited! My furniture is beyond gorge! Hopefully B and I can go pick it up on Friday after work! My other chair should be in Friday as well! I'm so excited!

- I think I've decided to paint the rest of the house myself. Way cheaper and I honestly don't mind doing it. It's a lot of work, but worth it.

- B told me last night he is interested in moving to NY. Now that we've bought a house and have tons of plans. Why does he insist on breaking my heart like that!? 

- Macee is in desperate need of a grooming. 

- This weekend I have a bachelorette party in Austin for a very old friend of mine! I'm so excited to get away with my girlies for a night! 

- I can't wait for B's stupid test to be over because I miss him like crazy. 

- I'm starting to think I'm too restless for my own good. I'm ready for a new job. 

Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Update

It's almost October, marking the beginning of a very busy month for me! We have tons on the calendar including a bachelorette party, I'm hosting a bridal shower, my housewarming party, B's test and VEGAS! It seems like every weekend we've got something going on.

This last weekend was extremely busy as well. Friday we went to dinner and back to our house to hang out in the hot tub with some friends. No, I didn't get any pictures. Boo. We had a great time though! Yummy Mexican food and great company! Saturday we slept in and I went to Lowe's to pick up paint while B studied. I painted the living room by myself! And I did a pretty dang good job if you as me! Sure, there are some edges that need to be cleaned up a bit, but it still looks pretty good. I will get some pictures posted once I get all the tape off my walls. Sunday we tried out a new church with some lovely friends. They've been going to this church for a while. My home church is filled with a little more drama than I like in a church. Plus, it's in the next town over and we really want a church in the town where we live. We want our kids to be going to school with the kids they go to church with, ya know. The hunt continues...After church my sister and I took my nephew to the local town festival. It was boring! Pretty much the stupidest festival ever. I think we lasted about 15 minutes. So when she dropped me back off I went and nearly knocked out my Christmas list before B and I laid around watching Walk The Line, Housewives, Entourage and just snacking. I miss Sundays like that. They are few and far between with this test lurking around the corner!

There are still several things I want to try to get done to the house. We are really trying to decide if I am going to paint the rest of the rest of the house or if we'll hire someone to do it. I actually had fun with it. The only thing is that I wish I had a little help...

So much going on! I love it!

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