Friday, February 12, 2010

Beautiful things always make me happy...

First of all, thank you all for your sweet, sweet messages yesterday. When I get in these ruts it usually lasts a few days but our kind messages definitely made me feel better. I'm really fine with B leaving I'm just waiting for my life to take off as well...

Well, what better way to lift the spirits than to stare at beautiful things...

I was really shocked to hear about Alexander McQueen. Sidebar: I thought it was really strange that his GUCCI mentor killed her self a few years back using weed killer or something crazy like that! While his designs tended to be a little far fetched, I adored a large majority of his work. It's so sad to me when the world loses such talented people to their own hands. I don't get it.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Remember this outfit? SJP wore this to the SATC premier, it was the outfit that she had the big peacock thing on her head. that part was not so cute.
I also LOVE this jumper on Katie Holmes!

When I first saw this dress on the Alexander McQueen website, I wasn't a huge fan. But it looks so cute on Kerri Russell!

Don't you think that blazer would look so cute on Rachel Zoe?!

You know you want them both.

Also, has anyone else heard that SJP is going to be the new Chief Creative Officer for Halston? Where have I been? I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Just a warning: This post is whiney. Get over it, I need to whine (and wine). It's one of those days. Please don't be mean to me because I will more than likely cry and I'm at  work. That would not be appropriate. You don't even have to comment, this is more for me just to get out of my system because I don't want to cry to B about anymore.


Do you ever feel stuck? Like you can't get where you're going? Every once in a while I have these really sad days where I feel like I've given up on everything I want and in turn, I have NO IDEA what to do now. 

B is leaving again. Headed to back to La for his job. Not sure how long he'll be gone but probably a couple of months. Minimum. I'll be here. Stuck in Hometown, Texas. At a dead-end job that I don't care so much for. Luckily, I love my boss and the girl I work with.

Sometimes I wish I could go somewhere else. Somewhere where I have more career options that extend beyond the oil and medical industry. Someplace that isn't Texas. Problem is, B loves it here. And his work is here. And he makes the money. The only thing I like about Texas? My family is here.

He keeps telling me, "I'll get a raise this year and you can quit when I get it." But I don't want to quit. I just don't want to work here.

I feel like my life is passing me by. I know that things change and where your life takes depends on the choices you make, I jut wish I could find a new path that I would enjoy. I loved my internship at the magazine but I obviously cannot work for free. Newspaper life is so not my thing. The thing is, I never thought I would get married so young or stay in Texas. I literally wanted to move out of Texas the day after I graduated high school (it kinda became a joke in my family because I've said that since I was a kid). Now that I am married, I would give up my husband for anything in the world. He such an amazing guy and is always so sweet. He knows how much I struggle with this, how much I distain my job and how I dream of moving away. I know that he loves me and I know there is no one on this planet that I could ever love more than him. Now Texas? My job? My house? I'd give it all up tomorrow as long as I could take my B and my puppies. 

Ok, that's enough whining.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mardi Gras!

This past weekend was the first weekend of Mardi Gras in Galveston and ohmigoshwas it fun! Seriously, if you live within driving distance from Galveston, join my Krewe next year!

This year's theme was Beer. Yes, very generic. But Del Papa is a major distributor of Bud products and this is their 100th year in business (and they put up A LOT of money for Mardi Gras) so the parade was a salute for them. I didn't get many pictures of the other Krewes but there were some great costumes. The winners were Clydesdale horses, Spuds Mackenzie and some weird play on words costume that I still don't get.

We were Tailgaters. Is it obvious we were the young ones? Mardi Gras is a whole different experience when you are on the float. 

Here are a few pictures:

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