Tuesday, May 31, 2011

21 Weeks and we have a name!!

How Far Along: 21 (almost 22) weeks!

Size of baby: She is a little over 12 ounces now and about 10 inches long.
BabyCenter says she is about the size of a banana.

Total Weight Gain: Not exactly sure but I would guess about 7 or 8 pounds. But it feels like much more! I did take a picture but B made me lift my shirt and I'm just not ready to get that person with y'all! I forgot to take a regular one :(

Maternity Clothes: Yep. Already. I am pretty short so I've never had this problem but everything is too short! I have to wear long, tunic style stuff or maternity.

Gender: IT'S A GIRL!!!
Her name is going to be:
Alaina Evonne LASTNAME

We are so happy to be able to call her by her name rather than "it" or "the baby". B is already nicknaming her Lainey and Evonne is after my wonderful Grandma. I'm so happy we are having a little girl so I can name her after someone so special to me.

Movement: Um, yes. It's like she's putting on a dance recital! She was getting down in church Sunday morning. I love feeling her kick and move.

Sleep: Some nights are better than others.

What I miss: A good night's sleep

Cravings: Not much anymore. But I did crave mustard the other day. :/

Symptoms: Morning sickness is gone!!! Symptoms now include gigantic boobs (see post below) and really weird dreams. I dreamt that I graduated nursing school with Britney Spears. Um...pretty sure that would NEVER happen!

What I’m looking forward to:
Painting Alaina's room and putting together her crib! We are painting this Friday and I'm soooo excited!

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