Friday, September 4, 2009


I'm so happy that today is Friday! I'm ready to get out of this funk that I've been in and I can feel it happening! Don't get me wrong, I still so badly want to get my MFA and I still so badly would love to pick and move to another state where I have a little more of a chance to work in a field outside of oil&gas...or health! 

Last night some of my girlies came over to start the shower planning for our sweet friend! I'm super excited! We are hosting the shower at my house on Oct 17 and we'll have lots of fun decorations, yummy snacks and a signature cocktail for the future MRS. 

Today, my parents are packing up and heading on a little getaway for their 20th anniversary. I can't tell you the location in case my daddy reads...I'm sure he won't but sometimes he gets on with my stepmom and the trip is a surprise. I'm so happy for them and so proud of what they've done. I don't want to go into too much detail because their anniversary is next week and I want to dedicate a post just to them.  :)

Soooo, we are playing house this weekend. Today I will pick my brother up from school and he will spend the weekend with us. I'm really excited. He's 13 and getting to the age where it's no longer cool to hang out with your sisters all the time...and that makes me sad. When I was in college he use to call me crying every night because he couldn't sleep without me being home...My sweet boy...He's definitely not 5 anymore!

Tomorrow we are packing up and heading to the Hill Country to visit B's family for the night. We'll be back to Houston Sunday morning though because B has to study for his test...Keep the prayers a comin' ladies! We could use all that you can offer right now...wish I could explain more and here's where I'll agree with Annie that sometimes I wish my blog was completely anonymous...

Well, Thanks for all your kind words yesterday! The funk is fading and I'm more than happy to watch it go. I refuse to give up on what it is I want, even if that means working harder and sleeping less!

Have a great weekend lovelies!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just Blah...

Beware: this post will most definitely be a pity party for myself. Feel free to continue on or exit out now...

Tuesday and Wednesday were really bad days for me and I'm so glad that they are over. I'm not really sure what's gotten into me but I've been in such a crabby mood. It's a little of everything, work, family drama, stupid little stuff that makes everything else seem worse....ya know. The typical.

I'm really happy with my job - it's not what I want to do, but I like it. It's flexible, my clients and boss are great and I feel lucky to have a job in these times. However, I still feel like I should pursue what it is I really want to do. I've always wanted to write for a major magazine publication or do PR for a major brand. I'm smart, I work hard and I know I could be good at whatever I decide to do.

With the way things are going - let's face it, i work for a paper and make pennies -Tuesday I decided to apply for a job that requested 1-3 years of experience in PR, which I have. The jobs was for a national fashion label to work here in Houston. The HR lady replied back and said I didn't have the right degree...Um, helloooo, I have a degree in PR, lady. Needless to say, I was pretty upset. She wanted someone with a degree in fashion. Whatev.

So, yesterday I look into school, maybe getting my MFA or perhaps doing a certificate program at one of the art schools here in Houston. This we'll have to wait on. we just bought a house and can't afford school right now. And that's fine, but I want to know my options. I did find this MFA program from an accredited online school based out of California that I think might be good.

Last night B and I got in a fight. I hate fighting. It's exhausting. And even though I was mad, I just didn't feel like fighting. I think we both just get really frustrated and it brings up all kinds of stupid stuff. He's really stressed with his job and test  and he has a really short temper and I feel like he takes that stress out on me. And I've been kinda realizing that maybe my dreams of pursing my career are stupid and not gonna happen and I get really pissy. And I don't get in a bad mood often (actually, hardly ever) but when I am in a bad mood, you better watch out! Cause I don't care who you are, you will more than like get the look of death or a few words that can cut like a knife. But, like I said, it's rare. :)

I feel like I work really hard but nothing is ever good enough. Do you ever feel like that? Sometimes I wish I could escape Houston and move somewhere else...with B and my pups of course! I feel like if I'm not in the oil & gas industry I have no place here. I would leap for joy if B came home and said, "Babe, I got a job in NY/Chicgao/LA/San Diego/Miami. Should I take it?"  HELL TO THE YEAH! I'd pretty much be packed before he could finish asking. 

And, on top of everything, my blog list disappeared again! So I had to re-list everyone and I know I'm missing people. :( 

I do promise you, this mood will fade. I hate being this depressing girl. I am happy with my life, sometimes life is just hard. This weekend we are heading to the Hill Country to spend time with B's family...Hopefully that will help lift these spirits a bit.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa, B, Michael Kors....or whoever wants to buy me presents,

I've already come up with my Christmas list this year. Please see the following and deliver to my house...I'll be waiting.

Michael Kors, Very Hollywood. $40. How cute is this?! It's a ring and perfume! And, I need it!

or...the regular bottle will do fine as well...$65.

Michael Kors Miami Aviator sunglasses, brown and white. $95. 

 Miclael Kors Kincade Slouch Boot, gray and black, please. 
$198/each. <--ouch
edited to add: It's $198 for the black pair and $198 for the gray pair. Not $198 for each shoe. :) Sorry for the confusion!

Burberry, Stainless Steel Watch (the unisex/men's one, please). The women's one is just too dang small. $395 <---ouch.

So, Santa & B, feel free to deliver any of this stuff to me for Christmas. Please remember, I accept gifts at all times of the year and my birthday is right after Christmas.

And Michael and Mr. Burberry...Please quit making crap that I dream of, must have and cannot afford. It's just mean.

By the way...the weather here is amazing!! FINALLY! Well it's amazing until around 1 p.m...but hey, the high today is only 94. Yes, I realize that's still hot, but it's way better than 104! C'mon fall!!! (Santa...if you could talk to God about bringing that even earlier, that'd be great...just sayin'.)


Monday, August 31, 2009


Hey ladies,

I'm throwing a bridal shower for a good friend of mine in October and I need your help...there are three of us girls doing the planning and we have a guest list of 26 other lovely ladies joining us. The shower will be at my house. I have 2 living rooms and I think the main living room will be without furniture so I'm thinking of setting up that room for gifts, cake and a sign in table.

I need some ideas as to what I should do. Whatade your shower special? What is something you wish you had at your bridal shower that you didn't? What did you do foe your friends that they loved?

Any tips are welcome and very much appreciated! I'd love to hear from you!!

Thanks loves!

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