Friday, September 11, 2009


Today is the anniversary of two very significant events...9/11 and hurricane Ike.


To those who lost and risked their lives on that day...thank you for defending our freedom.

To those who lost someone that heart still hurts for you

For those defending our freedom (and spouses of those defending our freedom) are the definition of a hero. Thank you.


For my friends, family and strangers who lost thier homes, businesses and lives...we still think of you and hurt for you lost.

For those who have come back and rebuilt their lives make the county proud.

To Tilman...thank goodness you see Galveston county as being worthy your money!

The events that changed the lives of so many...I hope that I never forget the love and compassion we all felt during these times.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Weekend Update in pictures...just a little late...

With all the Macee drama I was wondering if I'd ever get around to doing my weekend update it goes~

We had a really great Labor Day. Luckily for us, neither one of us had to labor. My parents hit the road for a weekend getaway to Miami for their 20th wedding anniversary -- Congrats to them! -- so we had my brother staying with us. He's 13 so he's not quite old enough to spend the entire weekend alone. We had a blast!

This is a picture of me Jason and our and nephew Jeremiah from my grandma's birthday at the beach. Are they not the cutest boys you've ever seen?

We spent plenty of time in the pool this weekend! This was Macee's first time in the pool...She did really well...well, until I took her off of the float. She's such a sassy thing!

Kisses for my baby!
This is me and Jason hanging out in the hot tub trying to decide on what to have for dinner and what to do that night...we decided on ice cream for dinner and Inglorious Basterds for entertainment.
showin' my school spirit with my SHSU koozie

B and J being silly...By the way...J is drinking Sprite.

Saturday we drove up to the Hill Country to visit B's family. We had a great time hanging out on their property, grilling some yummy food and visiting with the family. I'm lucky...I really like my in-laws!
This is a picture of me B and his cousin's little girl Hailey. She's adorable!!

This is a picture to show you why I'm afraid to have see the band-aids on the boys head? That's Henry...he fell out of the Jeep, cracked his head on a rock, bleed ridiculously and then got right back on. The other little boy is Walker...Hailey's brother.

B's grandparents' neighbors have  horses and we took them some carrots...

This is me and B when we took Jason to dinner.

Overall, it was really a great weekend! We had such a good time hanging out and visiting family. Tonight we are taking my parents to dinner for their 20th wedding anniversary! I'm so excited! 

Thank you all for your sweet comments on Macee...She still hasn't gotten messy and I'm praying like crazy that it stays that way! She will more than likely have her surgery on October 8...just one more thing to add to October's jam-packed schedule!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I can't catch a break!

So if you read my post yesterday  you know that I called to schedule an appointment to have Macee spayed. Well, last night when I got home, I noticed her vulva was really swollen as were some of her little boobies. I have no idea what to do! She's going into heat. I'm so scared. I really wanted to have her spayed before this happened. 

I tried to do everything right with her, I waited longer than I did with Chloe and I waited too long. I'm not really worried about the mess, I'm worried about her temperament changing, her chances of getting cancer going up and her hating me for being the one that dropped her off to get spayed. 

The vet said that the personality change was actually an old wives tale and that dogs will always be attracted to the dominate person in their life. I'm just scared she won't love me anymore. So, the vet said we need to wait. Let her have the cycle and two weeks after it's over, we can schedule her surgery.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Call all FurParents! I need advice/comforting!

Today I managed to make an appointment for have Macee spayed. I nearly made through the entire conversation without crying...nearly. If you remember, back in February my sweet Chloe died during surgery when I took her to get spayed...You can read about it here. I'm really scared to have Macee go under. She has a little hernia where her umbilical cord was and she has to have that fixed and her teeth pulled at the same time as her surgery. I'm really scared because I will be devastated if anything happens to her. I don't even care if I'm acting silly, I'm terrified and will bawl like a baby when I drop her off.

How old were your furbabies when you got them fixed? Macee will be 8 months when she goes into surgery and will weigh 6 pounds. I really want to do it before she goes into heat, which is why I'm not waiting any longer. My vet only does surgeries on Tuesday and Thursday...I wish she did them on Fridays so I could be home with her the next day. Did you stay home with yours after they were fixed?

My sweet Macee after her first visit to the groomer...who she hated!

I heart weekends...

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! I sure did. I feel like I need an extra day to recoop! We had a great weekend! I'll have to do my weekend recap tomorrow since I haven't downloaded my pictures yet.

I did manage to clean out (mostly) my closet. Do you have pieces in your closet that you never wear but still don't get rid of? I don't know why I do that. I have so much in my closet that doesn't fit, was given to me by my mother and I'll never wear it, is just old and I won't wear it...but I still keep it. I don't like to get rid of clothes because then I think I really won't have anything to wear. I think I just like to feel like I have a lot of clothes. 

I told B he needs to clean out his closet too and we need to have a garage sale. I love having (but hate going) to garage sales. I have no idea why. I just love making a few extra bucks I guess.

Yesterday I  had a pretty productive day...B and my brother went surfing and I went and ran around a bit to buy makeup, make a stop at VS and then to hit up Target. I saw an ad for Target for some really cute dresses but they weren't at the 2 Targets I went to. I always have this problem with Target and Khols...super cute clothes in the ads, nothing in the store. What's up with that?! 

BUT, I did manage to get six Christmas gifts yesterday! I'm super excited about that! I have tons of cousins that we buy for every year and I got six gifts all under $10!! Thank you Target and your glorious sales! The gifts I got were pretty good for cousins. I got some punching bags for $3, a star wars play-dough set for like $5 and a fireman tool box for $10...among a few other things. But super cheap!

My parents went to Miami this weekend for their anniversary and I'm so jealous my mom went to the Dash store! I want to go bad! Kourtney and Khloe weren't there though...BOO! 

I'm very excited for a 4-day work week! I have a busy week, too. Tonight I go pick up my parent's anniversary gift, tomorrow dinner and a movie with an old high school friend, Thursday dinner for my parent's anniversary and then I'll be ready for a relaxing weekend!!!

I'm desperately trying to convince B to move somewhere that has seasons. I hate summer and it's here waaaay to long in Texas. Problem is, we love our house and my family is so close. And B loves summer...B, please move me away...We can try to take the house with us... 

I'll try to post pics tonight from my weekend! Have a great Tuesday!

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