Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two Weeks Notice...

Ok, yeah. So, um....I chickened out. I'm such a wimp! Seriously. 

So, if I really want to quit, I have to give my notice on Monday. No choice.



d.a.r. said...

Write a letter!! I hate confrontation like that, too. Putting it on paper means no emotional stuttering and you may not even have to be there when she reads it!

Princess Freckles said...

Can't you just demand more money? That way at least you'll be making what you deserve, or you can quit if they refuse. Its a win-win!

Whatever you decided, though, best of luck! Your sanity is most important!

Lorie said...

You can do it! Just think about how miserable you are and blurt it out!

Good luck!

Crosswhite Photography said...

I'm so sorry! You should quit though if it's making you so miserable. Life is to short!

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