Friday, March 12, 2010

Can I get a personal shopper, please?

Tomorrow I'm heading to the mall to do a little bit of shopping...and I need a few things! I wanted to pick up a few things for work that were a little more professional that I normally wear. I work for a newspaper so it's pretty casual. Problem is, I'm not really a casual girl. I like to dress up. And since I had my breast reduction about a year and a half ago, I haven't really had a real job to buy clothes for. Tomorrow it is! Here are a few things I was thinking about...

All of the above can be found at

Something else I'll be looking for is a dress for our anniversary. We are going to celebrate on Saturday, the 20th. Our anniversary is the 22nd but since B is still studying, we're going to celebrate a little early. I wanted to get something a little sexy since it's an anniversary (gotta look good for my man!). However, our ideas of sexy are a little bit different. If a girl showed up the kind of clothes B likes, I would definitely make fun of her and call her mean names. So, I'm looking for suggestions. Specific dresses, places to shop...anything! 

I do like this dress from Arden B...
What do you think?

Tonight B and I are staying in, I plan to do a bit of working out and lounging around. Tomorrow I plan on getting up early, working out, heading to do my volunteer chores for JL and then we are heading up to Houston for a surprise birthday dinner for my sister! I'm so excited. And yes, I've already got a dress for that dinner!

Also, I still need to get my sister a birthday gift! What do you get the girl who literally has EVERYTHING?!

Monday is a very big day for me but I'm not ready to share yet. No, I'm not pregnant or sick. But I'd appreciate if you keep in your thoughts and prayers. I'm very excited and hope that this works out the way I want!

I'll be back Monday -- hopefully with lots of pictures to share!

Can you believe I posted two days in a row!?

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Never in my life did I ever think I would say this but, I cannot wait for summer! I feel like winter has been sooo long and sooo gloomy! My pool is calling my name...

Things have been a little crazy for us lately. I have been working a lot, which is good. Our first issue of our new entertainment magazine comes out on March 31 so I've been consumed with Happy Hours -- not such a bad thing! 

Junior League has been squeezing up more of my time that I think B likes but I'm still loving every second of it. We are getting ready to do our placement interviews next week and I'm really hoping I get my first choices for my in-league and community placement! So, say a prayer for me 'cause I think I can do some good.

I hate being so out of the blog loop so I'm going to try to get back to posting regularly again. It's just been so crazy and I really have nothing going on! 

Well, I'll be catching on your blogs in the meantime and hopefully I'll be back with something worth posting soon!

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