Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making Friends

Here in my part of Texas the weather has been less than desirable. It's been almost consistently below 40 with rain and wind, but not cold enough for snow; obviously making days for a toddler and stay at home mommy quite long. 

We've resorted to "swimming" in the tub, dress up and yes, even a movie. Thank you, PBS for raising my kid when this uncreative mommy can think of nothing better to do on a cold, rainy day. I would suck it up as a mom if I lived in Seattle. 

dress up before bed

Luckily, today we had gymnastics. I am so happy that she has something like this to do every week. It has been such an amazing thing to watch her form her own little friendships. She has a group of little girls and one special little boy in her class who she loves to play with. And she did that, not me. 

As a mom it makes me so happy to see that my sweet girl has the confidence to "talk" to other kids her age and to engage them in play. Because I stay home with her I've sort of harbored this fear that she would be very shy and not make friends easily. Now, she has her times where she is very, very shy, but that is usually reserved for adults. 

We've started to take the kids out to lunch after gym and before we all head home for naps and it's seriously amazing to see how they've fostered friendships and want to be together. I'm a little sad because most of her "friends" are a few months older and will be moving up to the next class this summer. Her teacher has said that she is social enough and has been in the class long enough that we can consider a trial period with her in the class above hers. I really want to keep her with her friends because I feel like she does so well with them and that she'd be starting over when they leave and the babies move into her class. We'll see.

after gym fun with friends!

Listen closely for our new word!

How do your kids do with other babies? Any tips for the mommy of a shy girl?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I am so excited (and ridiculously busy!) because we finally sold our house! Whew. We accepted an offer last week, inspections were done yesterday and we close in February! I feel like it kind of snuck up on me so I've been crazed with house stuff. We will be moving to a rent house while our new house is being built so it will be a tad uncomfortable and about 9 months of living out of boxes but, hey, it's all about the end game, right?

January is always busy for us because we are coming off of Christmas, New Year's, my birthday and hubby going back to work. 

I am a big believer is celebrating every birthday. I probably tend to drive people crazy with my constant birthday parties but whatever. I love it!

This year we kept it pretty low key and I had a great time! B, Lainey and I had had brunch at the Hotel Galvez, one of my favorite hotels in Galveston. If you are ever down on Galveston Island on a Sunday, I highly recommend it; and reservations. 

me and the little at Brunch
I also got a chance to celebrate with some of my wonderful friends. Joining Junior League is one of the best decisions I've made. I love it and the girls I've met have turned out to be even better friends than some I've had for 15 years!

They are such a blessing.

We went out for sushi and left baby with daddy...which means COCKTAILS! 

Me and Kim...This girl is crazy and I love her to pieces!

This card cracks me up.

Me, Kim, Katie and Sandra. My loves!

January is also my brother's birthday. My grandma, who has quite a bit of land, built what she calls Granny's Playhouse for us to have family get togethers. So, last Sunday, we all went to Granny's Playhouse for a yummy lunch and some football. We had fun, unfortunately, B had to work so he didn't get join in on the fun.

Lainey and my baby brother...who will be 17 this month! Seriously, where does the time go?
Hope everyone is well. We are drowning in house stuff, hopefully I can pull my head above water for another update soon!

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