Thursday, November 13, 2008

Missing Texas

This week work has been so busy and extremely stressful. It really has me missing home. So, I've decided this blog should be dedicated to things I miss about Texas.  Here it goes:

1. My brother. I love this kid so much. He is so funny. I'm just sad because he is now in Jr. High and starting to get too cool for me. It breaks my heart a little...

2. The Galleria. Traffic and all. I hate that there are so few places to shop around here. I did discover the Shreveport mall which has ok shopping.

3. Whole Foods. I really really really want some extremely fresh fruit and veggies. 

4. My friends. I really don't get a chance to make any friends with the hours I work and I'm desperate for some out-of-the-office fun.


5. Mexican food. Seriously. I'm three hours from Texas and the Mexican food SUCKS! So don't worry Casey, it's not because your in Germany, it's because you are not in Texas.

6.  The need to dress up. Seriously. Nobody here dresses up. I miss having places that won't allow you in in jeans or flip-flops. 

7. Westheimer. For those of you who don't know its a street in Houston. The best road there is. Anything you want, you can find. Seriously, there is the Galleria, Le Petite Cafe, Starbucks, Fogo De Chao, mid-town. Everything! I miss it!

8. Entertainment. There isn't anything to do but gamble here.

9. Happy hour at Sherlocks. We used to go to Sherlocks with a good group of friends for HH every so often. I miss it. See below: The HH Gang.


10. Most of all, my family. Be careful, after looking at these pictures, you'll want my family!




Aunt Samantha said...


Jay, Holly, Sam and Lily Walsh said...

Awww, I'm sorry your sad girlfriend. Texas misses you too! You'll be back soon...
I remember doing happy hours at Sherlock's when we lived off Westheimer!

Casey said...

I TOTALLY understand what you are feeling! When I go home next it will be a year since I have seen my family. It's so hard!

Lindsay said...

What about BBQ? Don't you miss good BBQ?? I mean come on, you cannot find REALLY good BBQ outside of Texas. Trust me...I've tried!

Laura said...

Stevy- Casey's big sis here- I'm in north Texas and the Mexican food sucks

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