Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Life through my phone...

Hey Y'all! I've managed to drag myself off of the couch for a quick post. Sick has taken over my house and it has finally caught up to mommy. I have a double ear infection. Like a four year old. I mean, really, what adult do you know gets a double ear infection?!

Well, it sucks big time and I'm so over it.

Luckily, I have a rockstar sleeper on my hands. Well, a moderate rockstar sleeper. She still wakes up now and then for a drink of water or a paci but I typically don't have to get out of bed. I love that I can place her in her crib, give her a sippy with water, a paci and baby and she goes to sleep! Bliss. It took us some time and methods I was SO against to get her to this point but now, we are all actually getting some sleep! And as sick as I am, I am so thankful for that.

So, since I can't muster up enough energy for a real post, I thought I'd share some pics from my phone.

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Lauren said...

poor girl! I hope you get to feeling better! However, on the bright side yay for your baby girl sleeping well! Elyse is in a good groove right now as well and I'd love to hold on to it...although I'm not naive enough to think it will last forever!

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