Monday, November 26, 2012

The land of the living...

I think I am somewhat back in it! I am finishing up my second round of antibiotics still trying to kick this double ear infection. Yes, me. Not Lainey. This is crazy! 

But, I'm happy to be feeling a little like myself again.  How was your Thanksgiving!? We had a great time -- well, they had a great time, I was miserable. We went to Dallas to visit some of B's family. 

This was actually driving through Hunstville, Texas where I went to college. We had to stop for some fried green tomatoes! 

The lake was definitely NO place for a mommy with an ear infection but the little loved it!

Thanksgiving day! Ready to eat!! 
Lainey's Thanksgiving dress came from Shabby Apple. Isn't it cute! I had to put a turtle neck and some tights under it because it was pretty chilly up there on the water!

In other, completely random, news. We've decided to put our house on the market! I can't believe it. We've been here a little over 3 years. I'm hoping it sells quickly. We found an amazing neighborhood we want to build in but we have to sell our house first! So, PLEASE pray for us!! 


Lauren said...

she's so precious!

and yay on the house front...we want to build in a year & a half or so!

Lindsey said...

Cuteness! And so exciting about the house! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

How fabulous!!!! She is too cute!

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