Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Confessions of a SAHW

The other day, while out to lunch with my parents and my MIL, we broached the topic of staying home. My MIL also stays home and has a husband who travels for weeks and months at a time. I adore my in-laws and love knowing that they would do anything for us, but I could never keep up with the expectations of my FIL. And I would never attempt to. I would simply work.

However, while on this subject, I came up with 

Confession #2 of a Stay at Home Wife:

Had I married anyone other than my sweet B, I don't think I could be a SAHW. 

People often ask me if I feel guilty for not contributing to the household income or if I feel that I wasted my college degree. The fact is, I do, sometimes. But the greater fact remains that I have a husband who would support me in any direction I choose. I know that he prefers me to stay home, but if I were to say, "B, I got a job," he would be happy for me.

He is never demanding.

I love taking care of him.

I look at others, friend, family, past boyfriends, and I know that I would never take the time to start dinner at noon because I want it to be perfect. Or to iron their shorts (yep, I iron dear husband's shorts).

I have days where I do nothing but go to the gym. Or swim. And he says nothing. 

Then I have days where I spend hours cleaning and he walks in the door and raves about what  a great wife I am. I love taking care of a man who appreciates everything that I do. No matter how big or small.

Yesterday, B and I were talking about magazine subscriptions and I actually told him I wanted to cancel my subscriptions to get a new subscription to Country Living. 

Yes, I do take my role as a SAHW quite seriously.


Jen P. said...

That is awesome that you are able to do that. And when the baby comes, it'll be a blessing because you'll get to be with her all the time.

My husband, before I got pregnant the 2nd time around, really wanted me to help with finances and so I worked, but the kids were at school and I couldn't just sit around. But now that the baby is born, I haven't worked since I was 3 months pregnant and I'm so glad that he has been supportive through it all knowing I need to take care of myself (while pregnant) and now take care of the baby and kids.

And HEY congratulations on the baby! I didn't know you were pregnant until I saw your FB status Saturday talking about how you were older & 6 months pregnant! How exciting!!!

Lindsey said...

That is awesome that you get to do that! I hope to do this when we have babies too!

Kristen said...

Not gonna lie, some days I REALLY miss being a SAHW (while I was looking for a job after the big move).

We are in talks of SAHM b/c hubby is not a fan of daycare. Fine by me!!

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