Friday, July 1, 2011


We are gearing up for some busy, busy weekends. I think we literally have something every single weekend until September. That stresses me out just a little...

I have way too many baby showers being planned to even mention. To be honest, It's kinda crazy how many I'm having. But I have a huge family and everyone is divorced so we have to have one for each side of the family...

I need to buy hostess gifts for everyone throwing said showers and have no clue what to get. Any ideas? Please, please, please help me think of something...Something that won't break the bank but is still cute.


We decided that we are going to do maternity pictures. A friend of mine does photography as a hobby and has offered to do the pictures for us at no cost! Um, ah-mazing! I am going to take them in Galveston where we got married and maybe a few on the beach. And then she and I will spend the afternoon shopping and having lunch. I am pretty nervous about this because I'm still not sure how I feel about maternity pictures but, she offered, so I figured, why not?

Today my mom and I are spending the day together updating my registry, picking out invitations for my baby shower and just hanging out.  I'm excited! This is pretty much our last free weekend before the madness starts.

Happy weekend, friends!



Kristen said...

for my wedding showers I got the hostesses yankee candles for one shower and cute little aprons off etsy for the other.

Have a great weekend!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Check and see if they have registries and you can just get some stuff off of that.

Jen P. said...

I wanted to do maternity photos with this last pregnancy but everyone was so high priced, so if she offered and it's FREE?! Totally do it! :)

I like the Yankee Candle idea .. or maybe like a gift certificate for like a spa day/massage. ?? Nobody can't turn down a massage! :):)

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