Thursday, June 30, 2011

A year...

Happy first birthday, Amelia! You are such a blessing in my life and B and I are so honored and so proud to be your godparents. We love you to pieces.

The day you were born you had so many visitors there was nowhere to sit...

As you grew, and even as a baby, you have always been such a great sleeper!

You are so curious and you want to be included in everything. I promise not to leave a room without you.

You make me so proud to be a part of your life and I am so happy that you will be so close to Alaina in age so that y'all can grow up as close as your mommy and I did. Just don't get her in trouble like your mommy got me in trouble. Remember that cousins can be best friends!

You and Bobby have very important things in common...You both LOVE tv....

and the water....

And you are both silly as can be.

Happy birthday sweet princess! I am so happy I get to be such a special part of your life.

Love you,

Stevy & Bobby


Lindsey said...

Seriously precious!!

Linda Chapman said...

Such a sweet post!!

Jen P. said...

beautiful! :)

CAC muffin said...

so freaking cute!

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