Thursday, July 16, 2009

Curbow's Out!

I did it. I skipped workout class to drink! It was a blast! I went with my sister and one of her best friends and we had a great time chatting and catching up. And guess what I forgot...MY CAMERA! As usual!

Well, it other and BIG news. Bobby and I decided to back out of our house. We are supposed to schedule in 16 days and they won't give us a completion date on the house. They are pushing our closing date which will cost us a lot of money that we don't want to spend. Also, I've been really, really stressed about this decision. Yeah, I was excited because the house was bad a** but I pretty much made the decision on my own and I really wasn't ok with that. Bobby doesn't want the house because it's really expensive and I would have to work. He wants me to stay home or work in Houston where I will be closer to home and have more flexibility. (on that subject -- I'm at a loss as to what to do!)

I've only been here for 6 weeks so I don't feel like it's appropriate to leave but would love to find something in Houston, closer to home, with more  flexibility and WAY more money. Seriously, I get paid pennies.

Tips, words of advice, encouragement...all happily accepted. 

Tonight is back in the swing of things. We thought Zumba was tonight but it's Friday so it looks like running and weights. Unless we do Core Cross Training...I have NO idea what that is though and I think it's the scary blonde German lady...who I will definitely dedicate a post to soon!


Chelsea Talks Smack said...


Lindsey said...

Cheers to something different and better!!

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Yeah for $1 margaritas! Super jealous!

I'm glad you guys made a decision on the house. I know you hate to see it go, but it sounds like it was more stress than it was worth! And not working sounds great :) That's my plan after this school year!

And I look forward to hearing about the scary German lady. I'm sure I will be able to relate. :)

sarah said...

I am all over skipping a workout to drink and gossip!

sarah said...

Oh and in terms of the Houston thing...the good news is that there is a ton of different industries to find a job with in Houston and fantastic shopping!

LawGirl said...

Drinks with friends sometimes has to win!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I can't really tell you what to do since I can't even tell myself. However, I'm all about not working, or working for "fun money"!!

Summer said...

If scary german lady can give me abs of steel, Id take her!

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