Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Massive Frustration!

I know it's only Tuesday, but this week already sucks! I'm so sick of working with people who are lazy and who depend on me for way too much! You would not believe the ridiculous requests I get. People will call our office because they have a missed number and ask if I can find the person that called them. I simply respond with a polite, "Um, no." If they didn't leave a message, it probably wasn't that import. If you are too lazy to check your voicemail, I don't want to help you out of sheer principal. Yes, I am that girl. 

Since I work with pipe, don't be jealous of my glamours lifestyle, we have to have these things called Mill Test Certificates/Results (MTRs). (*Side Note - MTRs are proof that the pipe has been tested to hold the natural gas that will be shipped through them. It is important because it is our proof that we've done what we can to keep the pipe from exploding) There is a guy at the Houston office who is supposed to send these to us as soon as he gets them, but does he? Nope. He waits until the freaking pipe is delivered knowing that we cannot have our guys unload it without the damn certificates! Then, when I email to get them from him, he gives me crap like, "Oh, I'm pretty sure I sent them, but here you go." Um, I don't think so! This is the most important part of my job so I typically put everything on hold when I get any certificates.

I'm getting so frustrated with these people and I cannot wait to go back to Houston! 

On another note, it's cold and rainy here. And I love it! I love when it starts to get cold outside and I anxiously await this time of year! 



Casey said...

Oooo! Sounds like a fun job! :)

Princess Freckles said...

You can come to MI and "enjoy" the weather! Its been freezing!! 35 today. LOL. Hang in there with work. I know how you feel sometimes.

Jennifer said...

Ugh! I hate incompetent people! That is frustrating! I find that if I pray before I come to work, then I can handle situations like that a lot better!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be a regular visitor! And I look forward to your cooking posts!

g said...

i'm addicted. and you haven't posted since tuesday. what is your deal?

Princess Freckles said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my bridesmaid post! My mom had the same surgery you had, and I may be getting that someday too. I tried on the dress, and I am a D and it fit! I think that picture misrepresents the fit, because if it fit me, it'll fit most busts. At least I hope!!! What style dress did you wear at your wedding? Was that pre-op? I am so worried that my dress fit in the bust and not show any "boob"! LOL. We're going to be in church for heaven's sake!

Lindsey said...

Ok I love your blog! How funny that we read the same blogs, and now I'll be reading yours!=)

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