Monday, October 6, 2008

Things that make me go, "hmm...."

1.  O.J. Simpson going to jail -- As in "Hmm...Well, It's about time he's in jail for something, anything. Really, I don't care why, just glad he's there."

2.  Buying two pairs of shoes on Saturday -- As in, "Hmm...I can't possibly buy just one pair when I would get the second pair half off!"

3.  The people at work who send me the list of materials they receive and do not list their numbers in consecutive order -- As in, "Hmm...maybe we need to have a counting lesson..."

4.  Winning a $114 bonus on the slop machines on Saturday -- As in, "Hmm...should I walk away now, or should I try to get one more bonus?"  *Note: I tried for one more bonus and left with $86. Not the best decision, but hey, it bought be two pairs of shoes!*

5.  Getting my Christmas list together (yes, already) -- As in, "Hmm...who should I buy for, how much do I spend and what do I buy my 12-year-old brother who has EVERYTHING?"

6.  The Dallas Cowboys. Not really a sports fan but I can't help but wonder, "Hmm...what would they do without Jason Witten?"

7.  Living in Shreveport -- As in, "Hmm...Not sure about this place."

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