Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ok, so, in order for you to understand this post, I'll have to give you a little background info. The job that I have now is actually a contract position with my husband's company. Everyone who is on this project, minus a select few, is a contractor. The way we handle getting paid is by send a time sheet, expense report and a copy of our receipts to the corporate office in Houston. The girl that handles the time sheets (and her little department) is driving me crazy. Yesterday, I send an email with my time sheet attached to her and copy her assistant. She emails me back the following:

"Stevy, there are now two admins in our department. Please remember to CC *Diane on further emails to me and *Chrissy."

"Ok, fine," I think. I can remember to do that, that's not too much to ask.

Five minutes later, I get an email from assistant #1 saying:

"Stevy, Please remember to CC *Diane, the new office assistant, on all emails to me and *Kelly."

About two minutes later, I get this email from assistant #2 saying:

"Stevy, I am *Kelly's new assistant. Please remember to CC me on all emails to her and *Chrissy from now on."

Here's what I'm thinking:

"Ok, girls. Let's get our business straight in your office! And please remember to CC EACH OTHER ON ALL FUTHER EMAILS!!!"

**Names have been concealed to protect the identity of those I talk badly about.**


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