Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Wonder...

Even though I'm still not sure about Shreveport, and am extremely homesick at the moment, Bobby and I had  pretty good weekend and really were able to enjoy the "city". Friday I got off work at noon and headed back to the house while Bobby was working in Houston. Since I knew he wouldn't be home until late, I decided to do something I've never done before -- see a movie ALONE! Yeah, I totally surprised him, and myself. I felt like that episode of Friends when Rachel was "dating" herself. It was fun, it's not like having another person with you at the movies means that much because you can't talk during the movie anyway. So, I took myself to see 'The Women'. It was pretty good...loved Meg Ryan's hair in the movie.

Saturday, we went to the Red Revel Festival in Shreveport. It was fun. We had lots of junk food, checked out some art and listened to a band. We walked around a bit and went to this this daiquiri place and had drinks...that were way too strong! We didn't even finish half of them and the room I was in, was definitely spinning! So, after having the way too strong drinks, we decided to head over to the casino...where I hit a $114 bonus on the slots! I was so excited! I tried to play long enough to get another bonus but decided I should leave ahead.

After tryin out luck at the casino, we headed over to the boardwalk to do some shopping. I did win some money after all, what did you expect me to do? Put it in the bank? So, I bought two new pairs of shoes...The boardwalk also has this place that has a "comedy club" in it that we decided to check out. It was ok, the comedians were just ok though. I don't think talking about people tripping on drugs is that funny. But whatever.

Sunday we just hung out and watched the Cowboys, of course. I cooked all day...don't ask what got into me but it was fun. So, as much as I'm missing home right now, Shreveport isn't that bad. I have a big shopping trip that I have planned for this weekend and I'm thinking about checking out the mall for the first time. Yep, the FIRST time. They have a lot of good shops, I haven't needed a mall yet. Besides, what kind of mall doesn't have a shoe store?



Jay, Holly, Sam and Lily Walsh said...

You crack me up! I would've gone straight for high heels if I hit $114! Seems like you're having fun in that BORING-NOT TEXAS-STATE you left us for! ;-)
Sambo sends his hugs!

Carlos said...

i love going to the movies alone, I do it all the time.

Kristy said...

You went to see the movie WITHOUT me?! Wanh wanh! :( j/k
We made it to the festival as well on Saturday evening and had a pretty good time.
Give me a ring when you take that shopping trip to the mall...I'm up for getting lost checking out this new city as well! :)
Let's plan something soon "neighbor"!

Aunt Samantha said...

Yeah ..I finally got here to read whats going on....MISS YA~
let me know when your in town next time!

New Girl on Post said...

I wonder if we saw you guys when we were at the Arts Festival? It's so funny to think about that.

I did end up liking Shreveport, I really enjoyed the Boardwalk and on Youree Drive the have a lot of the shops and restaurants that I have been missing from back home.

I think you'll really love Natchitoches. It's such a historic, pretty town.

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