Friday, October 3, 2008

Sleepin' Single in a Double, er Queen Size, Bed...

This a little note to all you military wives and wives whose husbands travel frequently. I so have a new-found respect for you! Bobby has to travel every now and then and I'm left home alone with my girls, the cat and dog. Now, I know you're probably thinking I have this "Oh I miss my husband so much and can't wait to see him!" mentality, but that's so not it. Don't get me wrong, I do miss him but when he's gone, but I have this horrible habit of scaring myself. 

I've always had a roommate and have never lived on my own and even when they were gone, I'd do the same thing. Or, I'd just go stay at a friends house or have someone over. I make up noises that I hear and sometimes wish my 10 pound Jack Russell Terrier was a 80 pound German Shepherd! So, the upside, I sleep with the dog at the foot of the bed knowing that she'll bark and growl if she hears anything suspicious, and a gun on each nightstand. So, the mentality I really have is more of a "Shoot first, ask questions later." I am from Texas, after all!

So, to all you army wives and wives of husbands racking up the frequent flyer miles, I don't know how you do it. Maybe you aren't a sissy like me, and I know I am, but if I had  a drink, I'd
 so raise a toast to you!

On another note, he does come home tonight, which means no more jumping each time the air conditioner turns on. I think I'm going to get out of my snobby, 55-year-old-woman-in-a-24-year-old-girls-body-attitude and check out the local festival tomorrow. It supposed to be a pretty big deal around here...we shall see.

For the Fam: Here are a few pictures of the house. I'll take more of the upstairs and our bedroom and post those later...

Our Little Dining Area:

Living Room -- My curtains look shiny in this picture!
Kitchen -- that I've used twice!



Crosswhite Photography said...

Oh! I know exactly what you're talking about. Michael went on a 10 day trip and I would freak out if my blinds moved or the ac turned on... basically at anything. ha! You house is really cute btw. :-)

g said...

Love, love, love the decor. Doesn't quite beat the mattress couch...but nicely done all the same.

By the way, if there is someone in my home/room in the middle of the night..I'm shooting first and not ask myself a single question later. That makes me a should call Granny to keep you company. ;)

Lucky said...

I can totally understand where your coming from. My Bobby is away at times b/c of work too. This never use to freak me out till now, so I have two dogs to keep me busy and alert. I also have a gun. lol Just try to keep your self busy when Curbow's away. As for your nephew our prayers are w/ you and your famiy in hopes of a speedy recovery.

Jay, Holly, Sam and Lily Walsh said...

I love reading your posts - I can SO hear your voice when reading them! Ha :)

Melissa said...

Cute house...I can't wait to see it, and see you guys, of course!

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