Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Delicious Treats!

First, let me begin this post by apologizing. I found this recipe on Pinterst, the blogger warned that it's addicting, yet I paid no mind.

I tried it, as will you; I became addicted, as will you.

Homemade Doughnuts!

These were incredibly delicious!

Here is what you need:
canned biscuits (anything BUT the flakey layer kind)
Melted butter in a shallow bowl(4 tbls per 8 biscuits give or take
Sugar & Cinnamon in a shallow bowl (Mixed together in your favorite proportions but adding too much sugar will make for a messy, messy doughnut)
Veggie oil to fill your pan up to about 1/2in or so.  

Here is what to do:
Heat up oil for a few minutes on medium heat
While it is heating up, cut holes in the donuts with a cookie cutter or some other circular object -- I found it easier just to cut circles with a knife. It was quick and easy and I got the right size.

When one side is golden brown, flip with tongs. When that side is golden remove from oil and place on a paper towel lined pan or plate.

When the donuts have cooled enough to handle...using your fingers dip one side in the melted butter, let the excess drip off, dip in cinnamon and sugar mixture.  Get it nice and coated. Flip over and repeat for the other side.

You can see here, the ones that are oddly shapped, I used a cutter, the perfect donut looking ones, I cut the center out with a knife.

I even made doughnut holes!

And Lainey got to enjoy some as well!

Enjoy, friends!

Don't forget to enter, you only have a few hours left! Winner will be announced tomorrow.

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Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i tried to make those one time and didn't come out lookin like urs
i'm sure urs tasted better!

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