Monday, September 17, 2012

Costa Rica, Part 1

Have you been to Costa Rica? I have to admit, I wasn't blown away. It was incredibly expensive and not near as pretty as Hawaii. However, that said, we had a great time. We love vacation and enjoy any trip!

We spent the first part of the trip at The Lost Iguana in Arenal, near the volcano. It was so lush! 

The flowers were incredible!

The heated pool at our awesome resort.


the volcano

I loved that there were random streams everywhere

This was a river that we crossed anytime we left the resort property. It was odd, people would line up all down the bridge and come to look at it. We couldn't figure out why but we thought it was worth a photo.

This was the entrance to the hot springs

daddy and Lainey at the springs

mommy and Lainey at the springs

back at the resort and ready for bed!

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This was at the suspension bridges...before it started...

this was during.

and this was me pretending I didn't hate every second of it.

family pic before we headed off to Mommy's part of the vacation!

This was a Dutch restaurant and hote.

And this was on the Dutch restaurant and hotel's property. They were so cute!

Hope you enjoy! This part of the vacation was definitely an adventure. I wasn't crazy about it but I don't like adventure. Yes, I know that I am boring but I prefer pretty beaches, cocktails and shopping to snakes, bugs and seclusion. part of the vacation! 


HickChickBritt said...

I have been to Costa Rica before! I also was not really a fan. I went for a science trip when I was 15. We stayed mostly on the West coast, we went to Tamarindo beach (which was nice) some cloud forest up by the Nicaragua border. We also went to the Tabacon hot springs, and a couple of other little resorts. We went white water rafting, and I fell out of the raft, and was being chased down the river by a 16' Anaconda. Yep no more Costa Rica for me!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow! The scenery looks amazing! It looks so pretty there!

Melissa said...

Looks beautiful from the pics, but I'm with you...don't think I'd cut it in the jungle!

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