Wednesday, September 12, 2012

But life goes on, and shopping may help

I've decided that I needed to make a come-back to blogging world to help grieve our loss. It helps me talk about it and it helps me move forward. Sometimes at night, I dream about our little one and Sweet Husband says he hears me talking about the baby in my sleep. However, after about a week and a half, I am happy to report that last night I was able to go to sleep without pain medicine. (if you've never had a tube remove, let me just tell you that it's painful!) So I feel good today. 

I've been reduced to online shopping constantly because the cabin fever of post-surgery has set in. I've been spending lots of time finding my favorite outfits, buying outfits for the little's birthday and even shopping for Christmas...already.

I know many online shoppers and bloggers are beyond familiar with Shabby Apple but I am such a fan and so excited that Shabby Apple has offered a sweet deal for my readers.

Shop Shabby Apple by September 14 and enter the code favorite10 for 10-percent off of your Shabby Apple purchase.

Some of my favorites include the Champs Elysees, the Bette D., and the Serenade

Some of the best sellers are:

And of those six, my favorite is the Alice, adorable!

So, lovely readers, happy shopping. It helps me get through the tough times and hopefully will bring a smile to your face as well.

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