Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How do you travel?

We did it big this round. First class on United, ten days in Costa Rica, I've already had two massages, room service and lots of lazying around.

I did give in to the jungle for one day, in hopes that my dear, sweet husband may have a bit of enjoyment. It was not a fun experience for this girl. I definitley prefer my jungles concrete. We did the suspension bridges near the volcano in Arenal. It was rough and I'm sure carrying 20 pounds of cuteness on my back didn't make it any easier. I'll post some photos when we get back. Hubby got a great one of me that just about sums up my thoughts on jungle adventures.

Well, I am now sitting cozy at a huge, I repeate, huge Marriott. It. Is. Bliss. Nothing on the agenda except pool time, nap time and cocktail time.



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