Thursday, July 12, 2012

Would you...

Call out an ex in a public forum warning others not to date him/her?

A local radio station on Facebook today asking scorned men and women to tell us exactly what is wrong with their ex's and why others should steer clear!

So, would you?

As hilarious as I find this. I could not. Honestly, I really only have one that deserves such shame, but I feel as though it would be a bad reflection on myself. I am so happy, married to the most incredible man ever with the sweetest child in existence. Maybe I should actually send him a thank you note for being such an arse. I am from the south, after all and thank you notes are required.

Well, I will continue to read, but will keep my opinion silent.

Anyone know a good blog designer? I'd like to keep cost around $50-75. I need something simpler. Got a new gig and think a new layout will benefit me.

Happy Wednesday, ladies. This mommy is headed to Costa Rica maƱana.

1 comment:

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Depending on how bad the person behaved, I would consider it!

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