Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Regifting...Yes or No?

Such an ugly word this time of year, but be honest do you regift? 

I will admit that I have. And I will again.

I think the trick to regifting is that the gift still has to hold meaning and be something that the recipient would actually want.

For example: My mom got a Chanel clutch from her well-to-do boss. My mom would prefer a power tool. Her daughter (ME!!!) was the proud regiftee. I mean, it actually came with a certificate of authenticity and everything! 

Technically this wasn't a regift as she just asked if I wanted it, but it would have made a wonderful regift, right!? Be honest, you would have accepted it in a heartbeat!

That said, I think that you should always  add a little something else to the item you are passing along.

I was give a bottle of perfume from Bath and Body Works, however, with a newborn, I'm not wearing perfume. So, for Christmas I put together a little "pamper" gift for my younger cousin who is in junior high and who I know would love it! I used the perfume, added two bottles of VS body spray that I purchased for her during the semi-annual sale, a brush, some girly hair pins, a lip gloss and a purse mirror all from Target...for less than $15.

See, it makes sense for the one receiving the gift.

Another thing I always regift is wine. I looove wine, but I am not a fan of Merlot or Cabernet. So, anytime I get a bottle, it often gets taken to other events as a hostess gift. 

Obviously, as a new mom, I recently had lots of baby showers. One of those showers was a diaper shower. I also recently hosted a baby shower. At my diaper shower I received a lot of Huggies diapers...which didn't work for us. For some reason, they never fit Alaina the way they should. We are a Pampers family. At the shower I hosted, the momma-to-be was requesting Huggies. So, I regifted a box of 96 Huggies. And diapers ain't cheap! However, I would never give her that alone. I also purchased her changing pad and two covers, as well as an outfit. So, for a $90 gift, I only paid about $60. Works for everyone, right?

So, yes, you should always be grateful for every gift you receive, and believe me, I am extremely grateful anytime anyone thinks of me, or my precious little one. But there is no reason for money to go to waste, right?

So tell me, do you regift? What are some of the things you have passed into better hands?

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Amanda said...

I'm all for re-gifting if the gift fits! And I love the idea that you add something to the regift. Genius!

LeAnna said...

Blog hopped here from Laura's, and this post made me chuckle. I'm a HUGE fan of re gifting. I also have a horrible story about this time I regifted a wedding present (a set of stainless steel mixing bowls) and failed to realize there was a WEDDING CARD, addressed to us, in the box with it. Oh my gosh, I was mortified. It was weird, because I never could find the card that went with that gift, and that's because it was down in the box...anyway...the recipients were friends of my brother in-law and they have gotten a lot of mileage out of that story. Nothing like being the butt of someones regifting story. ;)

Princess Freckles said...

I think what you've done is completely fine. i don't drink wine at all, so when I receive a bottle I always use it for a hostess gift.

Kristen said...

I am a re-gifter too, if you get something but it isn't your style or something you need or already have, I dont' see why you can't give it to someone else!

But you are right, you have to put thought into it, and try not to pass it off on someone that won't like it!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

There's a right way and a wrong way to regift and you my friend are doing it the right way!!

undomestic chica said...

I've regifted diapers too. I regifted Huggies and diapers that my twins had outgrown, but, like you, I added to the gift so it wasn't just diapers.

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