Monday, December 19, 2011

Mommy Savers

As it happens in the celebrity circles, so it happens in real life as well. Everyone I know is either pregnant or has just recently had a baby! 

Even though I am a very new momma, I often get asked advice on my favorite products and things I enjoy and work for Lainey.

(And let me preface this by saying this is what works for our family, you may hate it.) 

So, I've decided to do a series of blog posts on our favorite things baby related. 

This week's edition: babywearing.

I am a  huge fan of babywearing. I didn't think I would be but thanks to a random girl in Target, I was talked into registering for the Moby. And I am so glad that I listened. 

When we first brought Lainey home, she was a fussbucket. I thought the child had colic. But with a little lovin' and a lot of wearin', she gradually became a much easier baby.

She seemed more relaxed and it was much easier to get her to sleep. 

Another bonus? No grubby stranger (or unwanted family) fingers all over my newborn. I love the bond it seemed to create. Since I had such difficulties breastfeeding, this seemed to help with the closeness we both wanted. 

Here are a few of the products we've given a shot:

Santa came early to our house with the Maya Ring Sling Wrap. It's chic when compared to other slings/wraps which can be bulky and plain ugly. I ordered the olive green sling and I like, not love it. 
 It may be that I am still getting used to it but the ring hurts my shoulder when I wear it for a while. It is very convenient though and very, very easy to use. I love this for trips to the grocery or to the mall. It is very easy to remove, put on, and get the baby in and out.

I also love that this can be used for twins, not that I have that challenge, and comes with a very detailed DVD on how to use the product in various ways.

The Maya Ring Sling can be purchased on for $74.95. I purchased mine, new, on Amazon for $65 though.  Hey, I 'm a new mom and I gotta pinch pennies where I can.

The Moby. This was my lifesaver. I liked it so much, I went out and bought another one. The Moby is extremely comfortable for both Lainey and myself. She loves to snuggle up in it! 

It took a few trial runs before I felt safe putting her in it but let me tell you friends, this is safe! I couldn't get great details from the instructions that come with the Moby, but the videos on YouTube give great detailed directions. I watched several videos to learn several new carries to get us through the stages of growth that seem to happen way too quickly. 

The Moby is great for when we walk the dogs or when she was younger and we would have a particularly fussy day. This is a favorite because it is comfortable to wear over an extended period of time. It makes getting things done around the house possible. I also like that I can leave her legs and head out to get the cool air, or I can cover her head and legs to keep them warm and/dry.

The worst thing about it...This bad boy is a freaking sauna! It gets so hot! Great for the winter or cooler days...not so much for a Texas summer. Since it gets so warm, and I have a hot-natured, sweaty baby, I have to wash it often. Which is fine. I throw it in with her clothes and use baby detergent. Another down side, it's more complicated when running errands if you aren't comfortable with it. I can put it on quickly and easily now but when I first started using it, it took way too long!

The Moby will stretch as you wear it more and more but will shrink back to it's original size once washed. 

The Moby can be purchased at Babies R Us and Target and is about $35-$55 depending on the one you choose and where you shop.

This is the Infantino Balance ergo carrier. And this bad boy is complicated! I honestly have yet to figure out how to get it on. I know this is what I will want to use when we head to Costa Rica next year but I'm going to have to get the engineer husband to figure this one out. I seems very secure and like it would distribute the weight really evenly for comfort but Heaven help me if I can ever figure this out.

The Infantino Balance runs at $50 and can be found at or at Babies R Us. 

A message from Lainey about babywearing:

 jn8hjhun lhhgn hhhv

Hope this is helpful for those of you considering babywearing. 

Check back tomorrow for an awesome giveaway!!


Jamie said...

I love baby wearing! It was a lifesaver for me.

Princess Freckles said...

My aunt has a sling and she used it with all three of her kids. Babies love the closeness too!

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