Thursday, September 1, 2011

life's little update

Wow, I seriously suck at this blogging thing lately. I cannot believe it's been another month since my last post -- well, almost a month. And I can't say anything has happened. I'm doing well. Baby is well -- and still not here. I'm just plain 'ole lazy. Honestly, I think this has a lot to do with it:
This seriously depresses me...

Things are going well, I'm in the miserable part of pregnancy and temperatures reaching in the 100's does not help. I'm so excited and ready for the little one to be here. Yesterday was quite a day for me as my hormones hit an all time high, or low depending on how you look at it, and my lack of sleep and increased insomnia caught up to me. I cried about 6 times yesterday. For no good reason, really.

I'm working hard to get the baby's room together before she gets here (just 5 1/2 more weeks!). I'm so glad that I stay home because honestly, I don't know how women work while pregnant. This making a baby business is hard work! :)

I've learned a lot, lately, though and can honestly say this has been probably the best experience of our lives. Pregnancy will force you to think about yourself, your spouse, your friends and your life in general. It's crazy to think that in a few short weeks I will be responsible for another person completely.

I've decided that it's come time to take a look at my life and the relationships that I have so that I can make a safe and happy home for my sweet girl. B has been incredible and I honestly don't think there is anyone else on this planet that I could have chosen better to have kids with. When things get hard, he is always there to help and encourage me. He lets me complain, cry and squeal with excitement and he never gives it a second thought that I really just might be crazy...

Well, I'm off to wash some baby clothes...Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow!

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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

That goodness for loving partners!!

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