Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Showers & A Little Update

Wow, things have been so crazy lately! I went on a fun trip with Bobby to Denver, well, he worked, I had fun...And while we were there I started experiencing some really crazy pain in my groin and leg, which I thought was just a vericose vein. Well, when we got back, I went back to the doctor because she wanted to check for a blood clot...Thank GOD it wasn't that. However, we discovered that as my pelvis and hips started to spread for the baby, my pelvis shifted out of place. Talk about pain! So, over the last week, I have been in excruciating pain as the doctors have tried to get it back in place. And thank goodness, I can feel such a difference and such a relief!

In better news...I've had two baby showers so far and we are definitely feeling the love! Here are a few pictures so you can see all of our goodies and all of the people I love the most! :)

hostess gifts

Two of my cousins who helped host

And their moms

Another one of my aunts

The grandmas

The great-grandmas

My grams, who Alaina will be named after, and my mom

This was my shower the Junior League girls gave me...these are my hostesses

The super-cute wreath they made her

We are so blessed to have so many sweet friends and family in our lives who already love Alaina so much! We are so excited and I cannot wait until she's here! Just 8 1/2 more weeks!!

Happy Thursday, friends!


Lindsey said...

What an adorable shower!!!

Mateya said...

So cute! That wreath is adorable!!!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a darling celebration for you!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

How great! It's getting really close!

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