Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dried Up

Last night B and I had dinner with parents, who I love very much. In a few days they are taking a job in another state so it will be a while before we see them again. We know that all of our parent's are dying for us to being having babies. The truth is, sometimes, I don't know if I ever want kids. I'd love to have one baby girl and that be it. Done. My dad thinks I need to have at least three. B sometimes wants 4. Obviously, we aren't ready. 
Well, last night I literally felt like a punching bag. B's dad actually told me that I physically would not be able to conceive after I was 29. WHAT?! I'm only 26. Pretty sure I'm still ok. 
My birthday was a few weeks ago and we were talking about my sister being pregnant again. We were joking about her having another boy and I made a comment about hoping I have all girls and my dad actually said,
"Stevy, if you don't have kids by now, you won't have them."

Did I miss something? Am I really that old? A commenter on my last post said she still considers 27 her mid-20's. I'm going to have to agree. I'm in my mid-20's. When did that become the new 48? 

It seems like we spend our years growing up dreaming about finding that perfect man to spend our lives with. We dream about our perfect wedding and when it finally comes true, people want you to hurry and move to the next phase in life. B and I are only about a month and a half from our 2 year anniversary. I'd like to married for more than 10 minutes before I start spewing out kids. 

On another note, because I can't not comment on it...Did you all watch AI last night? Did you see larry Platt sing his song Pants on the Ground? HILARIOUS! I loved it and I've watched it like 4 times. I've posted the video for you to see.



Hailey {HRH} said...

giiirl you are NOT too old! dont you worry. our parents grew up at time when people got married right out of highschool and had all their kids by the time they were 23! its a new generation now. you are A-OKAY in my book! i am turning 27 next month and dont plan on getting preggers until 2011! so we are on the same track. dont you worry your pretty little head about it.

Sole Matters said...

Does he not know that Courtney Cox and a few other celebs had babies at 40?!

Jessica said...

After reading what this post is about, the title cracks me up! You aren't anywhere near being "dried up" LOL. You have plenty of time, and you're doing the right thing by waiting until you know for sure what you want. You can't let anyone pressure you, they won't be raising said children!

That video is hilarious!! I missed it last night, but have seen the video posted all over facebook. I even saw one person make the comment that he is the new "she bangs, she bangs". Too funny!

Patience said...

I am going to be 30 this year and I don't plan on having kids for another two years. You are not too old. Things are different now from when our parents had children and I think it is fine to wait until you are ready, not when everyone else is.

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

How old was G when she had your brother? I'm pretty sure she wasn't 25! That's crazy. You are building a marriage before you build a family (or if at all). There is NOTHING wrong with that! Jordan and I have been married almost 4 years, and we aren't starting yet either. It's okay!

Texas Tales from Scotland said...

I agree with Casey, you are FINE!!! It's really inconsiderate and rude of people, especially family, to start pressuring you to have kids. That decision lies solely between you and your husband and shouldn't be questioned by others. I can't believe your dad said that!! Mike and I have been married just over three years and it will probably be at least four more before we are at the point where we want to slow down and consider kids.

It's a big step, adding kids to your life. It changes all your priorities and you are taking care of them 24/7. The purpose of finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is to *enjoy* your time with them. And if that means waiting to have kids or not having them at all, that's the way it should be. Plenty of folks have kids in their 30s and beyond, so make it your decision and ask just politely inform people/family that you'll decide when its time. End of story! :)

Risley said...

oh my.. My mom had be when she was 31 and Im 30 now.. were thinking about trying soon but most of my friends are older and only have 1! I think he miss too 30 for 50! people have kids way in to there 40's now!
your fine.. like my in-laws.. I think they just want grand children!


You are young..take your time..enjoy your husband..when it is time for children you will isnt good to just have a kid and then resent losing your freedom! I commend you on taking your time. YOU GO GIRL!

Jane said...

You are not too old, and neither am I! 30 is totally the new 50! Live it up!

Jane said...

Wait I didn't say that right... but hopefully you know what I mean! xox

Crazy Shenanigans said...

You have PLENTY of time to have kids in the future!!!

Annie said...

you are not too old at all hun!! no one should rush you into baby making. it is a couple's personal choice when to have one, really no one else's business either. sorry you had to deal with that.

i did see that man on AI last night! WAY TOO FUNNY!! hahaha!!
i can't get the dumb song out of my head!

have a great weekend!!

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