Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Update

It's almost October, marking the beginning of a very busy month for me! We have tons on the calendar including a bachelorette party, I'm hosting a bridal shower, my housewarming party, B's test and VEGAS! It seems like every weekend we've got something going on.

This last weekend was extremely busy as well. Friday we went to dinner and back to our house to hang out in the hot tub with some friends. No, I didn't get any pictures. Boo. We had a great time though! Yummy Mexican food and great company! Saturday we slept in and I went to Lowe's to pick up paint while B studied. I painted the living room by myself! And I did a pretty dang good job if you as me! Sure, there are some edges that need to be cleaned up a bit, but it still looks pretty good. I will get some pictures posted once I get all the tape off my walls. Sunday we tried out a new church with some lovely friends. They've been going to this church for a while. My home church is filled with a little more drama than I like in a church. Plus, it's in the next town over and we really want a church in the town where we live. We want our kids to be going to school with the kids they go to church with, ya know. The hunt continues...After church my sister and I took my nephew to the local town festival. It was boring! Pretty much the stupidest festival ever. I think we lasted about 15 minutes. So when she dropped me back off I went and nearly knocked out my Christmas list before B and I laid around watching Walk The Line, Housewives, Entourage and just snacking. I miss Sundays like that. They are few and far between with this test lurking around the corner!

There are still several things I want to try to get done to the house. We are really trying to decide if I am going to paint the rest of the rest of the house or if we'll hire someone to do it. I actually had fun with it. The only thing is that I wish I had a little help...

So much going on! I love it!


Brittany said...

New follower here! Love your blog it's soooo cute! Congrats on your lazy Sunday. I also had a lazy Sunday and it truly doesn't get much better than that!! haha

Lindsey said...

Love lazy days!

Jane said...

You are a busy bee! But it sounds like so much fun!

Llama said...

Painting is so much fun...but it always turns out to be more work than planned. When we moved out we had our condo painted and it was money well spent...although the one thing i did miss was the "fun" of doing it yourself...that is if you have someone to talk to and share the fun with. Good luck! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Painting is rough girl! That's awesome that you were able to get it done on your own!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

For some reason I weren't getting your notifications in my google reader, but I just reset it and I think we should be good. Now back to following :)

LAYNE said...

If you will be in vegas u have to be something that involves sequins :)

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