Monday, August 31, 2009


Hey ladies,

I'm throwing a bridal shower for a good friend of mine in October and I need your help...there are three of us girls doing the planning and we have a guest list of 26 other lovely ladies joining us. The shower will be at my house. I have 2 living rooms and I think the main living room will be without furniture so I'm thinking of setting up that room for gifts, cake and a sign in table.

I need some ideas as to what I should do. Whatade your shower special? What is something you wish you had at your bridal shower that you didn't? What did you do foe your friends that they loved?

Any tips are welcome and very much appreciated! I'd love to hear from you!!

Thanks loves!


Liz said...

I had a baby shower for a friend last year and we had a onsie decorating contest. I had the plain onsies (ranged in size so she didn't get all newborn ones) on a clothes line with little pink clothes pins. They were used for decoration before and then they looked really cute all puffed painted up after as well.

Brown Girl said...

I had a bridal shower for a friend that got married in June. We played bridal bingo which was fun and a good way to get people to liven up? I think whatever you do will be great!

Heather said...

My shower was last weekend.

What I loved: we played bridal bingo to keep the guests (during the usually boring present opening) involved and entertained. We had fun cupcakes.

What I wish I had: wine!

Jorden and Kristin said...

At the lingerie shower they did a pantie poem. It was soo cute! A white pair for my wedding day, a sexy thong for the honeymoon etc etc all the way up to a big pair of granny panties!!

One of my other showers they did a bingo of the presents I might get and that was really fun and when someone got bingo we both won presents! :)

My favorite was that everyone had to bring a strange/favorite kitchen item for me to keep. I loved that because I got all sorts of amazing little gadgets i never knew i would need!

we also had frozen drinks and fun appitizers which were so easy to eat while i opened gifts.

oh man i had some fun showers! just email me if you want more ideas!

Marissa said...

I think good drinks, food, and fun games make it memorable. Oh, and take lots of pictures!

Melissa said...

Well, I'm sure you remember the cucumber game at my shower. That was pretty memorable!

I wish we had alcohol at mine. We weren't allowed to have alcohol at our clubhouse unless we hired a cop and paid extra. But, I think it was still fun without it! Good luck with the party planning!

katie + bret said...

Does this shower have a theme? I went to one once where the shower was "time of day" or something like that and each invitation that went out had a different time of day. Your job was to bring a gift that went with that time. Noon: Salad plates, 12am: lingerie, 8am: coffee mugs... just different things they registered for. That was cute.

I enjoyed mimosas and cupcakes at my shower and anything cute you can get to have all the guests sign (on top of the guest book) is usually a cute saver - ex. A plate, picture frame with a pic of the guests in the middle, etc.

Bret and I were made corsages for our couples shower out of Pot Holders - They had all sorts of kitchen (small) gadgets on them, very cute.

Have fun!!

Lindsey said...

My fave bridal shower game is - you ask the groom 20 questions ahead of time about his fave TV show, fave food, etc and collect his answers. Then you ask the bride at the shower the questions and for each one she gets wrong she has to eat a piece of Bubble Yum. So fun!

Annie said...

i think it will be fun and memorable no matter what!
i went to a shower 2 weekends ago and it was fun to just sit around and chat over good food. we played a getting to know the bride better game, some people had fairly creative answers for the questions they didn't know which made for a good laugh.

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