Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boo for today!

UGH!!!! That's me screaming! Just a warning...I'm not in a good mood! I had the worst day ever today! I found out that I'm getting roughly 6 new pages a month -- which is a lot more than it sounds like, I'm annoyed with the people around me and I got insulted by a 9,000-year-old woman today and couldn't say anything back. I'm beyond frustrated, mad and humiliated. I want my husband to be home tonight so we can lay on the couch and have wine but instead, I'm going home alone because he has class. Boo for today!


Ashley Paige said...

Ugh. It appears that bad days aren't only reserved for Mondays anymore. I feelya, sister. Today sucked just as much as yesterday. Go home. Have a glass of wine (or two!) I hope the rest of the day starts picking up for ya! :)

Elizabeth said...

Ya my week as been awful and it's only Tuesday! Maybe hump day will make it all better:).

Abbie said...

Sorry you're having such a bad day...but at least you have some beautiful new furniture to look at! My sister and I were at Pier One over the weekend and I was drooling over the black and white chair you bought! As a matter of fact, I was drooling over all of the gorgeous chairs they had!

Hope tomorrow is better for you

Anonymous said...
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Jane said...

Sorry you've had such a bad day! I think a glass of wine and some good veg time will make a world of difference! And maybe the hubby will give you a nice massage when he gets home!! Feel better!!

♥Aubrey said...

I'm with ya lady!!! Had a beyond-terrible day at work and then terrible news on top of that :(
We can be party-poopers together.

Lindsey said...

Aww hugs friend!! I hope things get better soon!

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