Friday, August 7, 2009

Can we move in yet?!

Things have been so crazy and exciting all at the same time. We have an open closing date on the house -- meaning as soon as the everything gets done, we close. As of now we are only waiting on the title company. Everything is done! Read it: DONE! We should be closing sometime next week. I'm so excited and ready to have my own space again! The house is amazing and I can't wait to soak in my pool!

Since we have our closing date set up weird, I'm pushing to get ahead at work so that I can leave at a moments notice to go sign my life away. Luckily, my bosses are amazing and have said that it's totally fine. In the midst of all of that, we are training a new guy. My job is a two-person position and my co-worker (who I have way too much fun with) is leaving. She and her husband and daughter are moving 12 hours away to their Hometown, Texas. It really sucks because we share a rather huge office and we have a great time together. It makes the day pass so much quicker. The new guys is actually  pretty hysterical. Except he makes me uncomfortable because he talks about being 3-, fat and lonely...Not a good sign. But he's from California and a little bit of a hippie. I think we'll get along fine...even though I didn't want to share an office with a boy. At all.

Puppy training has been hard. I feel like Jaci doesn't like us because we give her yucky food and Macee thinks I'm being mean. I hate when Macee looks at me with those big eyes! I don't yell at her and will never spank her but I have been fussing at her when she isn't good. And I hate it. Because trust me people, she is BAD. I know she's just a puppy but I have to train her now or she'll really be out of control! One good thing, Macee has potty training down like you wouldn't believe! She's so good about holding it and letting you know when she needs to go out. It took us 4 years to train Jaci! Macee's problem is she just doesn't listen and she's notorious for running off and making me chase her. 

Have a great weekend, Ladies! Hopefully by Monday we'll know what day we are closing on!


Heather said...

Chasing her is good exercize at least...LOL. Good luck with the training. I wish I could train my cat!
It will be so exciting so close on the house!

Princess Freckles said...

Good luck with your closing!

Ashley said...

Congrats on almost closing on your house - that must be ridiculously exciting!

Marissa {sparkles and fate} said...

Good luck!!

Kristen said...

what is 3-? or did I just read that wrong? hehe. Good luck with your closing and with training the new guy, I am sorry your friend is leaving but maybe you will end up having just as much if not more fun with this guy!

Sole Matters said...

if you have a PetSmart near you, I highly suggest a puppy training class. They are awesome and not expensive!

Moving guide Jay said...

Oh, seems like everybody is moving into a new home. Quite shocking in this "crisis", isn't it? Well, ut must be exciting for you to have your own house (with a pool, wow). Just an advice - try searching for moving tips in magazines or online, they can be helpful. Good luck with the moving.

Best regards, Jay

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