Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hey Fat Girl!

That would be me! I'm so out of shape it's not even a little bit ok. I decided that I'm completely over the whole kidney stone/infection debacle and I'm ready to get my jiggly behind back to working out...and holy crap! I'm so out of shape I couldn't even keep up with Jillian for Level 1! I feel like such a wimp! I think I pushed myself a tad too hard because I'm pretty much feeling like I'm gonna die...any second now. I need work my way back into it and back into eating well. Now that I'm not on the road 18 hours a week, I have no excuse for eating badly. So...I want to put this out there for all of you to hold me accountable. Please don't snicker behind by back...

Current Weight: Too Much
Goal Weight: 12 pounds less
Workout Goal: Shred everday for 30 days and include at least 4 days in the gym doing any kind of cardio/weight/class for at least an hour.
Diet Goal: No Coke, No Tea, No fancy coffee (just plain), add more green stuff, NO fast food (at all!), nothing fried.
Extras: Tan more often, get back to my clothes because I refuse to buy a bigger size!

Ladies...Keep me in check. I decided if I put it out there, I'll be more inclined to do it. I've got to get back into my clothes! Today marks day 1 and I did the Shred. I'm going to try to drag my butt out of bed at 5:30 to Shred before work and gym after....we'll see how it goes! Wish me luck...Tips are always welcome! I'll take any help I can get!

7 comments: Maegan said...

well, don't restrict yourself too much or you'll just cave! Besides, you probably look fine ;)

Abbie said...

I really love the Shred! I've been kind of feeling the same as you...I think it's all of this summer food I've been eating! Too many brats, beers and burgers!

Good luck and with Jillian kicking your butt, you'll see results in no time;)

Anonymous said...

I love Jillian's shred too! But it keeps getting harder so take your time with each level!

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

12 POUNDS?!? I just saw you, and you do not have 12 pounds to lose! Speaking of the Shred, I think Jillian and I are fighting. I haven't talked to her in a week...

Sole Matters said...

I agree with Maegan. Don't restrict yourself too much or you will cave. Also, if you're really determined, I suggest hiring a nutritionist. They aren't expensive and a friend of mine did it. She saw awesome results fast and it was 100% healthy. Also easier to stay on track. =)

I bought The Shred, but I haven't even taken the seal off it yet. Let me know how it is. hehe

katie + bret said...

No worries, Jillian will kick your booty into shape! You can do it... If you like hot tea start drinking green tea it will really boost your energy and metabolism and it is 0 Calories (so are diet cokes which is my guilty pleasure!)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Does the shred really work? So many people are talking about it I think I may just try it!

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