Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just Two Days...

I'm getting the hang of things at work pretty easily. In fact, easier than I thought. I, apparently, have an amazing boss as well. I mentioned in passing that I'm heading to Mississippi after work on Friday to see my honey and she said that I should leave work around 2 as long as my stuff was turned in (I work at a newspaper = deadlines EVERY DAY). So, I'm super excited to get up there.

Mostly, we'll be spending the weekend packing but at this point, I'm so excited to see him I don't care what we do. We discovered this new update for our iPhones and he's been sending me the sweetest voice memos. Yesterday I got an email from him that memo and when I opened and downloaded it said, "I love you, babe." UGh...melt my heart. I know to some of you a month isn't that long but it's been absolute torture for me so the little things are such a big deal now. He even sings me Elvis songs and it's hysterical and sweet all at the same time. I have to say, I'm pretty sure he loves me. TWO DAYS!! I can't wait! I'm so excited that I can't sleep. 

In other news, we just found out today that he is approved to take his test to receive his Professional Engineer license!! I'm so excited for him. He's worked really hard. Today he got the approval to take the test in October and he will start a testmaster's class in August to prep him. So...pray for him, please! He's smart as a whip and a very hard worker/studier so I'm sure he'll be fine but a few extra shout-outs to the Big Man Upstairs won't hurt!


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! I want an iPhone... and a sweetie to send me messages on it!! Have a fantastic weekend, miss!!

Lindsey said...

YAY! I'm glad things are going well and YAY for a good boss!

Princess Freckles said...

Have a wonderful weekend! A month is a long time. I bought my fiance an iphone for his birthday last week, and now I want one sooo badly! Maybe I'll get one this summer. I think that app sounds really fun! I'd probably drive him nuts!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Yay for a good boss!!! :)

jlc said...

That's fantastic news!!

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