Thursday, October 2, 2008

Everything in Louisiana is at the Gas Station...

So I'm all on my own at work today since Hubs abandoned me for work in Houston for the next few days. He should be back late tomorrow night. So, I found myself on my own when it came to lunch...Randomly enough, I had lunch at the casino/gas station/buffet. It was quite the experience. We showed up and the lady escorted us to our table -- it was actually a decent looking place.  My "boss" and I ordered our drinks and decided to take a look at the buffet. Since the salad is OBVIOUSLY salad out of the bag, I felt it was safe. We made our salads and on my way back to the table, I couldn't help but notice that everyone was just sitting around not eating. Once we finished we walked over to where the food was supposed to -- nothing. There was literally cabbage, carrots, rice and gravy.  We waiting to see if they would bring anything out, after twenty-five minutes of talking about books and work, we decided just grab some dessert. As we get to up to leave from our hour and twenty minute lunch (the great thing about grabbing lunch with the "boss" is that she can't get mad when you take longer than you're supposed to) we notice that everyone in the restaurant stood up at once and made a bee-line for the buffet. They finally decided to bring out some food -- and I'm not disappointed I missed it...So, here's to a lunch of bagged salad and banana pudding!

Good news? The guy I work with has decided to take a permanent job in his home town and I will finally get to work!!! Yes, I know I should be thrilled to have a job where I get paid to blog, Myspace and Facebook, but I have to say, I enjoy working. The job still sucks because it's not what I want to do but at least it's something. He's starting handing duties over to me already. So, I'll fill you in on the duties later.

Jeremiah Update: My honey is home! Jen and Derrick got to take the baby home on Monday. They have discovered that his liver is inflamed from damaged cells. They are not sure why or how the cells got damaged and are still researching the results from his biopsy. They gave him a few perscriptions and some new formula and are hoping this is all from an infection that can be easily treated. I'll fill you in when I get more info. Please continue to keep them in your prayers!


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New Girl on Post said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's nice to see someone else in Louisiana too. :) I'm definetly going to be adding you to my daily reads.

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