Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do you have a bad scar?

Ok, so here I am, only two and a half months post-BR and I'm already happy the job my doctor did. The scars are minimal and the girls look portioned to my body -- finally. About three weeks ago I went to my final post-op appointment and was told that I could start a scar treatment. The doctor recommend Scarguard -- and now, I do too!

Since I've been using it, I've already seen the scars reduce. If you have a bad scar that you would like to remedy, you should try this product. You can order it online at www.scarguard.com. I believe it works best on fresher scars. Check out the website. I know it worked wonders for me already! If you've never seen what BR incision scars look like, they are quite large and shaped like an anchor. This medicine, and the work of a great surgeon, helped me diminish my scarring significantly!


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