Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crazy Day!

It has already been such a long week for me! Work has been crazy busy and I'm still trying to get used to my new role. The work itself hasn't been too hard but it's just been really busy and my boss is most definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. She doesn't know how to use Excel, and when I tell her how to do something, she tells me its wrong. UGH!! She makes me want to scream! 

Yesterday a funny thing happened. I have to Fed Ex all of my guys time sheets to the corporate office every Tuesday. I called first thing yesterday morning so that I wouldn't forget. Our Fed Ex guy usually gets here around 2:30 every day so I though I had plenty of time to get the sheets signed, scanned and in the mail. Of course, I was wrong. When the hubs and I got back from lunch the Fed Ex guy was most definitely already here. One of the guys that works in my group asked him to wait around a few minutes thinking this would be a nice gesture, which it was, but not a helpful as the time sheets were locked in my bosses office! We have the nicest delivery guy so I gave him what I had ready and asked him if I could meet up with him and give him the other package after a bit (if the time sheets aren't at Corporate by Wednesday, my guys don't get paid). So, we make plans to meet at McDonalds. I get all of my stuff done and go to McDonalds to meet him and guess what he was doing -- SLEEPING IN HIS TRUCK! I felt so bad that I had to wake him up, but you better believe I was cracking up!

Today is also the day my books come in!! I ordered Such a Pretty Fat and Bright Lights Big Ass from B& and they come in today! I'm so excited -- but feelin' too tired to read at the moment.



Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

That is funny that the FedEx guy was sleeping in his truck! At least he was nice enough to meet up with you later...We used to have a DHL guy that would come park in our lot (right outside my window) and sleep until 4:30pm when he was scheduled to be at our place. I was always amazed that he could do that every day! I wish I got to nap on the job!

Casey said...

OOOOO! Did you read Bitter is the New Black? I just read that one! Let me know how the other two are!

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